Leaders In Training has an unwavering commitment to make disciples of all nations. Our process is being used to reach and disciple thousands of children every week in the United States and internationally.
We are steadfastly committed to reach children with the Gospel and train them to be servant-leaders in the church today. Find out how Leaders In Training can serve you in discipling children, both in your local community and internationally.

Making an Eternal Impact

Learn how the ministry of Leaders In Training is having a lasting impact in the local church and internationally.

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Richard Cervantes, Student

“It was the service opportunities and teaching about
spiritual gifts that prepared me for a life of service. “
Nehemiah Kids (N.K.) and L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) offer discipleship resources that reach children and their families with the Good News of Christ.
Our proven discipleship materials develop adult leaders who disciple children and equip them for ministry within your church and local community.


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“This Discipleship Pathway…Has Become a Great Blessing to Me”

“I have been using Nehemiah Kids and Leaders In Training for the past 7 years. This discipleship pathway for children has been a great blessing to me, my Jamie Brownfamily, and our church. I am now seeing students who have graduated from the kids’ ministry who are now discipling children in the ministry. We are also seeing older students discipling other students—friends who they led to the Lord. Currently, our 6th grade L.I.T.s are leading our Wednesday night kids’ program each week, doing everything from planning to teaching. I am deeply grateful that God has used the influence of L.I.T. to sharpen my understanding of discipleship and shape my ministry philosophy.” Jamie Brown, Macedonia Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri



International Update

The Lord continues to open doors internationally. The Global Children’s Network (GCN) is leading a training in Tanzania, Africa, this spring. They have translated the L.I.T. leadership handbook into the local language and plan to use the materials to train and equip children there. The leadership in India are working on translating “The Journey: Beginning Your Walk with God.” We are working with leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia to look at testing the discipleship concepts of L.I.T. there.

What Is the Lord Up To? by Dr. Clint May

Spring is upon us, and we are now turning our attention to the L.I.T. Mission Trips for this summer. We project to have more than 300 attending the trips, Clint Maywhich is about 40 more people than last year. PTL! The mission trips are my favorite things we do in this ministry. I have seen the Lord do some amazing things in the lives of preteens and leaders. During the past two summers of mission trips, we have witnessed God raising up prayer warriors in children. They would pray, and He would show Himself faithful in incredible ways.

One of my greatest joys is watching the lightbulb come on in children and leaders alike as they witness God moving in and through their lives in powerful ways. It is hard to describe seeing a child feeling scared to share one minute, then they pray, and then the Holy Spirit takes over. During our Little Rock, Arkansas, trip in 2011, Katie (5th grader) testified during one of our evening worship times saying, “I was supposed to teach today. I was really scared. So, I prayed, and something came over me. I am not sure what it was, but God spoke through me in a powerful way.” We know Who spoke through her—it was the Holy Spirit. Please keep the mission trips in your prayers as we pray and prepare for an amazing summer.

This Month’s Prayer Needs


  • For what the Lord is doing internationally through this ministry
  • For the Lord’s continued provision for the ministry
  • For the many leaders who have been trained in the states and internationally

Prayer requests:

  • For the Lord to expand our territory in the United States
  • For the L.I.T. Mission Trips this summer, for planning and final details for the trips
  • For our partnership with GCN and for the Lord to guide our steps
  • For Clint as he leads a training online with Kids Ministry Nation on April 18

Leaders In Training combines intentional discipleship with training for ministry. Children find purpose and identity in the body of Christ through ministering using their spiritual gifts.
Aaron Alaniz

Life Changing

“L.I.T. has impacted our family in ways that are unmeasurable. We have seen children as young as second grade step out in faith. You have to be in it to see what happens.”
A Disciple Group


We believe equipped leaders make a huge impact on the lives of children. Therefore, we have become strategic in challenging leaders to model for children the Christian faith, and we give them a weekly guide to equip children within their groups.
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We believe that parents are the primary spiritual influence on their child’s life. However, many families do not know where to begin. The L.I.T. and N.K. daily devotionals provide a tool for families to help develop their child’s personal walk with Christ and teach them to have a Christian worldview.