Five Keys to Amazing Spiritual Growth in Children

I remember years ago when I first started out in children’s ministry. I would go to conferences and look at all different curriculums. A lot of times, I bought books or curriculum because of theFun Kids 92 awesome cover of the book, often in haste. But when I opened them up and began reading the content, I realized the only thing unique about the curriculum was the cover. I hate to admit it, but a lot of us do that. As I write this blog, a question comes to mind. How do we define discipleship with children? I remember years ago when someone asked that about discipleship, a red flag would go up in my mind. For some reason, the church quit using that terminology and began calling it Christian education instead.

In most churches today, what we would call discipleship is the impartation of wisdom or knowledge about the Bible. There is nothing wrong with this; however, are we truly discipling children like Jesus did by His example? What I want us to do is look at Jesus’ model. I want to share with you five points or models that Jesus used to teach His disciples:

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Bridging the Gap Between Preteen and Student Ministry: Why You Need to Take This Seriously NOW

The other day I was talking with a children’s pastor in my area. She was very frustrated because she had moved a group of Crossing Bridgepreteens that she felt were ill prepared into the student ministry of her church. She talked with the student pastor shortly after the transition, and he told her that it was too late, that they were set in their ways and there was little hope of their lives changing at this point.

The fingers point in many directions in the church trying to cast blame; however, the answer to the problem is to stop doing what we are doing and move to a model of intentional discipleship and empowering of children and preteens for ministry.

Allen Nelson shares,

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How Do Children Find Purpose Today and the Future in the Church?

You might ask, why am I here? Why do I exist? For every child in the church today, there is a desire to find purpose and identity. Thinking even more deeply, how do we help a child find their purpose in Christ’s church, and do they Purpose in the Churchreally have a purpose at such a young age? I have wondered this myself. Like Jesus’ disciples, I was guilty of hindering children in their walk with Christ. I assumed that their faith was only about taking in information, not about expressing it. In reality, Jesus was speaking to me just as He spoke to His disciples who were with Him every day. Remember His scathing rebuke to His disciples when they hindered the children from coming to Him? “For of such is the kingdom” (Matt. 19:14). Maybe they didn’t see the children as persons to be heard, but only seen. I want to say this with all my heart, KIDS HAVE A PURPOSE IN THE CHURCH TODAY! In fact, children who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior especially do because God has gifted them for service. Here are a few steps you can take to make a shift in the way you minister with kids:

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Can Children be Transformed by Sitting and Listening in Church?

Being one who was raised in the church, I find it interesting how my role as a child was to sit and listen to my teacher teach me about God. I accepted Christ at age nine, yet I walked away from the church not knowing about the joy found in Christ through a personal relationship and walk with Him. Churches today are very excited about reaching kids, but are we truly preparing them for a journey of faith? Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10, NASB). If there is an abundant life in Christ, can it be experienced by sitting in a classroom? Or, does it come through an active faith that experiences all aspects of the church and the body of Christ in service and ministry?

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