In 2009, we were in Little Rock, Arkansas, on one of our preteen Leaders In Training mission trips. We had heard that The Summit Church there was experiencing revival. They were having extended services and meeting almost every evening of the week. I talked with our leadership and suggested that we ask if we could join them. As Pastor Bill spoke, he invited folks to share what God was doing in their lives. One-by-one, the L.I.T.s went up to the altar and shared about what God was doing in their lives. Several confessed sin in their lives and asked their friends for forgiveness. I appreciated the way Pastor Bill ran the service. When someone shared, he would ask individuals from his church to pray for them. Pretty soon, the front of the church had a line of preteens sharing their prayer requests and asking for God’s strength as they ministered in the apartments throughout the week. As the evening moved on, the L.I.T.s began praying for adults in the service. They would circle up around a person and pray until they had a peace. To this day, I remember what Pastor Bill said at the end of the service: “The kids asked if they could join our prayer meeting, but we ended up joining theirs.”

God is up to something amazing in children and youth. How will you empower them to fulfill God’s call in their lives?