During our L.I.T. mission trip to Kerrville, Texas, the Lord truly moved in the hearts of our preteens. Four churches joined us on the trip at Trinity Baptist Church. During the evening service on the first or second night, L.I.T.s (preteens) and youth began to move to the front of the worship center to pray. By the time the worship band was finished playing, the entire altar was filled with kids. Their prayers turned to weeping and intercession. I asked one young man what God was showing him. He said, “I cried my sins away, and now I am ready to be used by God.” Another young lady was deeply burdened for a relative and wept for their salvation. One group of preteens prayed in a circle for hours. I believe they went through two boxes of tissue by the end of the evening.

I have served in children’s ministry for more than 28 years now. The past fifteen years have been quite amazing as I have witnessed a move of God in the lives of children that I never saw during the first fourteen. www.4to14window.com.