Training Conferences

Seven Key Areas That Will be Covered:

Biblical basis for children’s ministry. As we developed this training model, it was our goal to look at what God’s Word said about believers in the church (including children) and develop a model for discipling and equipping them for ministry.

Partnering with parents. Our team will show you effective ways to get families involved in the discipleship of their children. You will be giving them tools that will help their children develop their personal walk with Christ in partnership with a mentor from your church.

Disciple (small) Group Leaders:  

  • We will show you unique ways to train your leaders to move from knowledge-based teaching to modeling and mentoring, just like Paul did with Timothy.
  • Our team will explain how to equip your leaders to disciple children and help them develop their personal walk with Christ. This is accomplished by helping children learn the spiritual disciplines of personal Bible study, Scripture memorization, prayer, Lordship of Christ, evangelism, gifts and ministry (servanthood), and living an obedient life to Christ.
 Spiritual gifts and ministry. You will learn ways to equip leaders to equip children in their groups according to each child’s spiritual gifts and then release them to minister.
Ministry training and involvement:  
  • Our team will show you creative ways to train children for ministry in your church using praise team, puppets, drama, technical training, dowel ministry, and much more.
  • You will learn creative ways to involve children in many areas of your church using their spiritual gifts.
Missions for Kids: We will discuss how to light a fire in the heart of a child for the Gospel. This comes through missions training and immediate implementation in your community and on mission. In the past fifteen years, children and preteens from more than six states have ministered to approximately 5,000 children, students, and adults on mission, resulting in many accepting Christ as their Savior and Lord.
 Bridging the gap between children and student ministry. In this session, we will help you develop a seamless plan to transition preteens into student ministry with the goal of keeping them involved. They need places in student ministry where they can continue to serve, and you can creatively make that possible by opening doors of service for them.