What is Included in the Training

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Your leaders can easily be training by emailing the training links to them. That way they can watch them at their personal convenience.
Training Downloads
  • Handbook: “Seven Steps to Empower the Next Generation”
  • Planning Chart: “Planning Your First Year”
  • Three Year Implementation Plan
Recognizing the Significance of a Child Today (15:48)
Dr. Clint May explains the significance of children in the church today and how God has a plan and purpose for them as the church today.

Twelve Biblical Principles (18:44)
Throughout the training, we will reference 12 biblical principles we follow in discipling and empowering children. Dr. May explains these principles that you will follow to become effective in ministering to and empowering children.

God and Church, Part One (15:50) and God and Church, Part Two (17:08)
As the body of Christ, we have a calling from God to make disciples (Matt. 28:19-20) and to equip the saints for works of ministry (Eph. 4:11-13). This is a huge paradigm shift for the local church when moving out in discipling and releasing children in the church for ministry and missions. We will share a plan to cast the vision to gain the support of your church leaders before you move forward.

Family, Part One (13:47) and Family, Part Two (13:47)
Most families in our churches today have embraced priorities other than the spiritual growth of their children. We will show you proven ways to engage families in the discipleship of their children at home. Through partnering with families at home, you can take children to a higher level spiritually.

Discipleship, Part One (25:14) and Discipleship, Part Two (24:05)
L.I.T. uses six spiritual disciplines to bring transformation in the lives of children. You will learn how to train your leaders to make “disciples who make disciples.” You will also learn creative ways to engage believing children in the small group setting to use their spiritual gifts.
  • Teaching Children How to Pray: “Talk With God” (26:09): God is raising up prayer warriors internationally. You will be surprised to hear that many of these warriors are children who have been taught how to pray.
  • Teaching Children How to Share Their Faith: Children can be taught how to effectively share their faith using open-ended questions. In this session, you will learn how to train children how to share their faith using the ABC Counseling Card. ABC Counseling Card training.
Ministry Training (22:30)
If you want to bring excitement to your children’s ministry, engage children in ministry. Keri Meek shares wonderful, creative ways that she is engaging children in ministry in her church.

Acts 1:8 Missions (16:17)
Jesus calls all believers to “go” and “make disciples.” In this session, you will learn three strategic ways of fulfilling the Great Commission and how to move the children of your church out the door and into the community...and into the world.

Discipling Others (5:16)
The ultimate goal of the church is to make disciples who make disciples. Children who show signs of maturity as young as fourth and fifth grade can begin discipling children younger than them. Through proper training and supervision from leaders, you move them from Timothy to Paul in the discipleship model of the church.

Discovering Their Purpose (11:05)
Children and students who have been engaged in ministry on a regular basis are proven to be the very ones who stick around once they enter college. Learn effective steps to develop leaders from the youngest to the oldest.

Developing a Plan for Your First Year (32:43)
After you have watched the training videos, the next step is to sit down and begin the planning process. You are going to be bringing big change to your church, and a plan of action is very important. Dr. Clint May explains where to begin and what you should do to start your first year.
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