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Clint May


Dr. Clint May. Clint has served in children’s ministry for more than 31 years. While Clint was on staff at Wedgwood Baptist Church, he began L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) for preteens. During his first summer (2002), Clint witnessed firsthand the transformation of children who were taught how to walk with Christ on a daily basis. He also witnessed God moving powerfully in and through the lives of children as they ministered and shared the Gospel on mission trips. Clint has lead over 30 preteen mission trips with over 3,000 preteen and leaders from 30 churches. Through this experience, Clint became passionate about helping churches disciple and equip children for ministry. Through his heart and passion for children, you will embrace an exciting vision for your children’s ministry at your church and how you can cast that vision in a way that your leadership will join you to fulfill that vision. Clint has been married to his best friend Vicki for more than 44 years. They have six children and fourteen grandchildren. Clint is the President and Founder of L.I.T. Ministries.


Keri MeekKeri Meek. Keri is the Minister to Children at Hillcrest Baptist Church. She has developed an amazing team of folks at her church that has become a model of discipling children and involving them in ministry. Keri has developed an effective method of working with parents and including them as the leader of their child’s discipleship group.  Keri is the State Representative and Trainer for L.I.T. Ministries in Texas.





Mike Lehew


Mike Lehew. Mike is Lead Pastor of The Church Inside Out in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Mike brings to the conference the knowledge of serving as a Families Pastor for more than fourteen years, with responsibilities from preschool through student ministry. Mike is an advocate for families in the church and their involvement in their children’s discipleship. He has many years of experience in engaging children from his church in community ministry and on mission trips as well as sending more than 40 students in his church on international mission trips. Mike has been married to Sarah for 22 years, and they have six children. Mike is the State Representative and Trainer for L.I.T. Ministries in Oklahoma and is an active board member for the ministry.