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Have you noticed that preteens are different in your church? They seem to have a heightened spiritual awareness like never before. They are hungry for bigger and better things. They want to move from sitting andPreteen Leadership Training listening to becoming the leader God has called them to be. For over 19 years, L.I.T. (Leaders in Training) has developed an effective four-step process to move preteens into the depths of God in a personal relationship with Him.

Here is how L.I.T. works:

  1. Family: L.I.T. trains parents to prioritize their preteen's spiritual life at home through daily quiet times.
  2. Discipleship: Leaders learn how to become disciplers and mentors. They move the preteen from sitting and listening to fully engaging them in their disciple group using their spiritual gifts.
  3. Ministry Involvement: L.I.T shows you how to develop a ministry platform so that preteens in your ministry can flourish in the spiritual gifts in your church.
  4. Missions: We provide the tools to train them to be missionaries to reach their peers and the world.

L.I.T. is a process by which you call preteens into a deeper walk with Christ through spiritual disciplines. It equips them to become active members of the body of Christ. They become disciple-makers who are effective agents of the Gospel.

Guess what? All of our resources are free to your church and ministry. That's right, everything. Here is the catch! You must go through our training before we give you access to the materials. Why might you ask? Because L.I.T. is a process, not a curriculum. What is most important to us is your ultimate success in your church. The Lord leads us to give it away, but first, you must train to receive it. You can sign up for our training here.