hannah lehewNo Longer a Slave to Fear, Valeria, Piedras Negras, Mexico
“L.I.T has impacted my life by showing me the importance of having a daily quiet time. Before I was in L.I.T., I didn't really have the discipline to read my Bible every day and to memorize verses. Having a spiritual influence to keep me accountable every week made a huge difference in my walk with the Lord. Through L.I.T., God taught me how to have a quiet time and listen to Him. Without having that discipleship at an early age, I doubt that I would have a strong root in my relationship with Christ through my teenage years.

“By serving in the church for a long time, I would say that I have not only become closer to God but closer with the church body. I have met some of my closest friends through serving the Lord with them. My faith becomes stronger when I am serving the Lord and with people who have the same desire as I do—to glorify God in everything that we do. My experience with L.I.T. helped me prepare for transitioning to the youth ministry. Without having that biblical foundation early on, I don't think I would have been spiritually mature for the transition. By being in L.I.T. and already being accustomed to serving in the church, I was ready to jump in and help with the student ministry when it came time.

“I'm nineteen years old, and I have been serving in the church for 11 years. At my home church, I was a teacher for the junior girls’ class. I also helped with planning activities for the youth ministry. While I'm in Mexico, I serve the church by doing any artwork or photos they need to be taken.”