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Our outreach package comes with all the tools you will need to have the greatest success and impact on the lives of children in your community during VBS, camp, or mission trip. Your leaders will be ready to reach lost children, determine if they are ready to make a decision, and be able to show them how to begin the journey once they make a decision for Christ.

For the special price of $199.00 you will receive all the tools you will need to lead children to Christ and start them on the journey of life-sustaining faith. 


EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE. After purchase, you'll get an email that includes a link to download all the resources. The bundle is only available as a downloadable product.  

OUR RESOURCES HAVE BEEN TESTED IN THE FIELD. These products have been used and developed throughout the past 15 years. They have been developed with a passion to reach lost children with the Gospel and begin them on a faith path for life. We regularly evaluate and update these resources for the greatest impact on those who hear and those who teach.

OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY EXPERIENCED LEADERS IN CHILDREN’S AND PRETEEN MINISTRY. Like many of you, they have a passion to see children’s lives changed by the power of the Gospel message.

WE HAVE A GREAT TEAM OF FOLKS. We are committed to excellence in ministry with our Senior Editor, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Customer Support, and Ministry Staff. Our experienced writers have more than 28 years working in the field of preteen and children’s ministry. From their passion and ministry experience, they have developed these tools that have proven to be effective for reaching the lost and starting new believers on their faith journey with Christ.

Our resources have been developed with the purpose of empowering the next generation to reach their world for Christ. Yes, these resources are simple enough for children and preteens in your church to use to reach their world.


THE GIFT BIBLE STUDY ($99 VALUE) – The beautiful illustrations make this resource excellent for reaching a lost world with the Gospel. The Gift is an evangelistic, five-day Bible study that can be used by children, students, and adults to teach significant elements from the Bible and to share Christ. Each daily Bible study includes a clear explanation of the Gospel and an invitation for children to respond. Included in the study are daily review questions and simple crafts that further explain the Gospel message and help children in attendance understand God’s redemptive message for them.

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ABC COUNSELING CARD ($35 VALUE) – Preteens and adults alike can learn how to effectively share their faith with the ABC Counseling Card. This card uses open-ended questions to find out where a child is spiritually before moving them toward making a decision for Christ.

This offer includes a training guide to show you a method for teaching your preteens and adults how to counsel a person for salvation. With purchase, you can make as many copies as you need for your church. Need a sneak peak? Click here.

THE JOURNEY BIBLE STUDY ($65 VALUE) – Sometimes we forget about one of the most important aspects of evangelism—follow-up with those who make professions of faith in Christ. We have you covered with our 13-week follow-up Bible study, The Journey: Beginning Your Walk with God. You can have a resource ready to give to any child who comes to know Christ at VBS, camp, backyard Bible clubs, Good News Club, or any evangelistic event. Need a sneak peek? Click here.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PLANNING GUIDE – Our outreach guide will help you plan an effective outreach event in your community or even in your church. This editable Word document will give you a guide and tool to develop a leadership handbook for your church and ministry.

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