Details of What Is Included with a Leaders In Training Membership

We are committed to your greatest success in your children’s ministry. Here is what is included in a yearly membership of Leaders In Training:

  1. Extensive Training. Included with your membership is our training track. This is an extensive training to prepare you for an amazing year. Also included are shorter leadership training videos that you can easily email to your leadership or post on your church’s website or Facebook page. Or, you can train your leaders as a group at your church. We know that your leaders are very busy. Now, they can train at home after their kids are in bed.
  2. Parent Training Resources. With your membership, you will receive the Parent Orientation PowerPoint, Parent Handbook, and a brief training video that shows you how to effectively get your parents on board with their child doing daily devotionals at home. It is possible to have 60-70 percent of the children and preteens who attend weekly training doing daily quiet times at home your first year.
  3. Director Handbook: The Director Handbook is included with the membership as well, and it is a great tool to continue training your leadership on a weekly basis. It is loaded with ideas to create a ministry environment for children and preteens.
  4. Student and Leadership Applications: Student and leadership applications are included with the resources. Children and their parents will fill out an application during Parent Orientation, signing a covenant or agreement committing to walk alongside their child.
  5. Logo Package for Nehemiah Kids and L.I.T.: With the logo package, you will be able to properly promote N.K. and L.I.T. in your church, on your website, or through social media.
  6. N.K. and L.I.T. Student Devotionals: Included with your membership are the N.K. and L.I.T. Student Devotionals, which total 36 weeks per year, 18 weeks in the fall and 18 weeks in the spring. These daily quiet times take between five and fifteen minutes. Through Parent Orientation, we make sure to let parents know that this is a daily devotional—NOT homework. The goal is for their child to learn spiritual disciplines that will carry them through life with a firm foundation in God’s Word.
  7. N.K. and L.I.T. Disciple Group (D-Group) Leader Guide: The Disciple Group materials will help your leader have maximum impact on the children they lead. This tool is a packet with ideas that bring application. The joy of leading a D-Group is that the groups have already been studying the materials at home, which gives freedom to the leader. The materials also include steps for the leader to involve the children in their group using their spiritual gifts (i.e., teaching, prayer, administration, helps, etc.).

We are here to help you experience far-reaching success in discipling children and preteens in your church. If you have further questions, please click this link and fill out the information, and a ministry representative will contact you right away.