ETNG Conference

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Cost  $149/person.
The goal of the Empowering The Next Generation Training Conference is to develop a new paradigm and a fresh model of ministry. The primary focus is to train leaders how to raise a generation of children and student disciples who are surrendered to Christ, who serve in His church, and who reach the world as missionaries.
This training will give you a model that will bridge the gap between children and student ministry.

For more than 16 years, L.I.T. Ministries has developed a useful ministry model that has transformed the lives of children, students, families, and churches. This conference is led by church leaders who have served using this ministry model in their churches. 

Here are the four major topics of focus during this three-day training event: 

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  1. FAMILY: Learn how to help families reset their priorities so that they are putting God first and making their child’s spiritual life of primary importance.
  1. DISCIPLESHIP: Learn practical ways of training your teachers to become disciplers and mentors in their classrooms. Paul discipled and equipped Timothy for ministry by modeling, training, and releasing him to minister. Teachers in your church can learn to do the same. Learn practical ways to turn your teachers into disciple-makers and mentors.
  1. MINISTRY: Every believing child and student in your church has spiritual gifts that give them value and purpose. Learn creative ways to involve children in your church today using their spiritual gifts. 
  1. MISSIONS: Every believer in Christ has a calling to “Go” and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20); this includes children and students. We will show you how to turn children and students into missionaries on a mission. We will offer you practical training and tools to develop young missionaries in your church.
Be sure to invite your leadership to join you. Children’s pastors, student pastors, pastors, leaders, and Sunday school teachers are all invited to attend.
Cost $149/person