ETNG Conference

Empowering The Next Generation Conference TopicsETNG 72 WEB GRAPHIC edited 2

Recognizing the Significance of Children in the Church Today

Twelve Biblical Principles to Follow for Children’s Ministry

God and Church

Casting the Vision

Four Steps to Disciple and Equip Children and Students


Where Are Most Parents Today?

How to Properly Train Parents to Disciple Their Children

Discipleship and Equipping

Guiding Children into the Spiritual Depths with God

Teaching Spiritual Disciplines

The Cross

  • Jesus Is Lord (Lordship)
  • Read the Bible (God’s Word)
  • Talk With God (Prayer and Personal Worship)
  • Prayer and Worship: God Encounters
  • Training Warriors for the King: Prayer Journal
  • Igniting a Child’s Prayer Life: “Journey of Prayer”
  • Tell Others
  • Teaching Children How to Share the Gospel
  • Preparing Children to Share the Gospel/Counseling
  • ABC Counseling Card
  • Gifts and Ministry
    • Engaging Children in Ministry Using Their Spiritual Gifts
  • Life of Obedience

Ministry Training/Involvement

Missions: Acts 1:8

Twelve Landmines to Avoid

Planning for Success: Developing Your Timeline