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What if children’s ministry could be a true joy? An experience that children were excited to be a part of every week?

A place where children are engaged in ministry using their spiritual gifts in the body of Christ?

A church where parents embrace their vital role in the spiritual lives of their children?

A ministry where children train and are released to be missionaries for the Gospel of Christ?

A place where children are the number one priority in the body of Christ?

Be encouraged that it CAN be your church!

Join us for a great time of training and fellowship as we explore a new ministry vision where children are seen as The Church today.

A ministry where teachers are mentors and disciplers like Paul with Timothy. Where the church partners with the parent on the wonderful spiritual journey of their child.

What Are Leaders Saying About ETNG?

“I have a greater understanding of the role children have in the body of Christ. I feel I have the tools I need to continue sharing this vision with parents and inspiration to continue to advocate for children’s discipleship and serving. I think this is such a needed ministry area in today’s churches, and it gives children’s leaders tools to truly build up kids in the body.” —Catherine New, Children’s Minister

“It challenged me to see them (children) as true ambassadors and equipped disciples when they are trained well. It helped me understand the fallout in the next generation and connect the dots to the problem. I loved the biblical references for all the concepts. Pure Scripture. J” —Esther Lee, Student Minister, Journey of Faith Church

“I have realized how critical it is for our children to become connected with their faith through ministry. It breathes life into their faith. This is urgent!!! The Ezekiel Principle provided me an easy-to-understand, easy-to-share vision of moving children (or anyone!) from the bench to playing in the game (or from the shore to swimming)! Also, lots of suggestions and a well laid-out plan to follow, as well as the focus on Christ and prayer take a lot of guesswork out of it. I am so excited that this discipleship model is in print! It is the key to unlock passion and enthusiasm for ministry and evangelism in our children, and as a result, it will impact the whole church!” Gerry Patton, Leader, View Acres Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

“It has shown me that I am holding them (children) back and need to let them move on and now. The roles I have them serving in are little. Yes, I am visual and need to see a plan. Going through the conference helped me visualize the structure we need to make this philosophy happen.” Nicole Ryba, Children’s Pastor, Goddard United Methodist Church, Goddard, KS
Empowering The Next Generation Training Conference 2021

Cost: $149/person (Join us live or online)

  • Raleigh, North Carolina February 8-9, 2022

Who is the conference for?

The E.T.N.G. conference is for pastors, children’s directors, and children’s workers. It is a non-denominational event inviting the body of Christ together to reach, disciple, and release children into the world with the Good News of Christ.

How is your church doing in the area of discipling and equipping children for ministry? We invite you to go through our assessment test. "Education vs. Discipleship Assessment"

The E.T.N.G. (Empowering The Next Generation) Conference is a brief conference that significantly impacts the lives of leaders and the children you serve.

Cost: $99/person (Host church staff members can attend at no cost.)


  • Day One: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Day Two: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Purpose of the Conference

The primary focus of the E.T.N.G. conference is to equip leaders. The training will be extensive and will help church leaders shift to a new paradigm in which children are being discipled and equipped for ministry in the church and as missionaries in the world.

Topics to Be Covered

  1. Family: Leaders will learn proven methods to help families shift their priorities to make Christ first in the home. You will learn simple steps to help moms and dads disciple their children.
  2. Discipleship: Learn how to equip your leaders and move them from being teachers to disciplers. Learn how to move children from being mentees (like Timothy) to mentors (like Paul). We will help you move children from having a knowledge-based faith to an amazing personal walk with Jesus Christ daily.
  3. Ministry Involvement: Every believing child in your ministry has spiritual gifts. These gifts give them identity and purpose in the body of Christ. Leaders will learn how to establish a platform for children to serve in your church today.
  4. Missions: All believers, including children, are called to make disciples and reach the world with the Good News of Christ. Leaders will learn how to develop young missionaries in your church and how to mobilize them into your community and on a mission for Christ.

Breanne's testimony below is of a life that has been changed by discipleship and serving in ministry. She has been serving in the church since she was 11 years old. 



If you are unable to attend the conference in person we invite you to sign up for our online video certification training.