ETNG Training

Pay-It-Forward: L.I.T. is working to training leaders and provide discipleship material for children internationally. Many leaders in third-world countries do not have the funds for training or resources to disciple children. We invite you to pay-it-forward. The average cost of our training is $99. You do not have to pay anything for our training, however, we invite you to pay it forward for leaders and children worldwide. If you or your ministry cannot afford the training or choose not pay-it-forward please use the discount code ETNGLIT.
May 24-25, In-Person Training or Online
Location: North Richland Hills Baptist Church, 6955 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Video Certification Training

Our goal is your success as a church and ministry. Our passion is to see the lives of children and students transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Discipleship, ministry involvement, and missions are the calling of every child and student in your church. Our mission is to empower the next generation. Our commitment is to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to disciple, equip and release them in ministry in the church and as missionaries for Christ.

We at L.I.T. are committed to providing you with training and resources that will accomplish this mission in your church.

For more information about our training/certification process click here.