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Empowering The Next Generation Conference Topics

Empowering The Next Generation Conference Topics

Recognizing the Significance of Children in the Church Today. God has a plan for every believing child in your church today. You will discover who children are in Christ and how to embrace their calling to minister today.

Twelve Biblical Principles to Follow for Children's Ministry. During this session, we will discuss twelve crucial biblical principles to be embraced throughout the training.

Casting Your Vision. Casting your vision properly in your ministry is key to your success and impacting the lives of children.

Four Steps to Disciple and Equip Children and Students. There are four keys to have a lasting impact on children's lives: family, discipleship, ministry involvement, and missions.

Training Parents How to Disciple Their Children. Parents are the number one influence in their child's life. We will show you how to help them re-prioritize their lives to focus on their child's discipleship. 

Discipleship and Equipping. The Church's two significant callings are to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and to equip the saints for ministry works (Ephesians 4:11-13). 

How to Guide Children into the Spiritual Depths with God. You will learn five steps to take children more in-depth in their walk and relationship with Christ. 

Training Teachers to Become Mentors and Equippers of Their Small Group. We will discuss breaking away from the lecture model of teaching children to become a mentor and equipper of your small group.

Teaching Children Spiritual Disciplines. Spiritual disciplines develop a life-sustaining faith.

  • Making Christ Lord Every Day
  • Helping Children Discover the Joy of Reading God's Word Daily
  • Prayer and Worship: God Encounters
  • Teaching Children How to Pray
  • Evangelism: Preparing Children to Share the Gospel/Counseling
  • Engaging Children in Ministry Using Their Spiritual Gifts
  • Living a Life of Obedience to Christ: Teaching Children How to Live in Obedience to God's Word

Ministry Training/Involvement. Every believing child has spiritual gifts. Learn how to engage children in ministry using their gifts. 

Missions: Training Young Missionaries. Move children beyond talking about missionaries to becoming missionaries in their schools and at home. 

Teaching Children to Become Disciple-makers. Learn how to train older children to become disciple-makers of younger children in your church.

Twelve Landmines to Avoid. There are things to know and avoid before starting a new vision path.

Planning for Success: Developing the Timeline. The success of your ministry vision involves proper planning and implementation. We will walk you through step by step in planning the next phase in your ministry.