ETNG Training

Video Training Button
If you cannot attend one of our in-person or online training events, we have another option for you.
Our "Video Training" will allow you to pace yourself and go through the training at a time that works best for you.
You will receive the full training that you would regularly get in person or online. The videos are between 7 to 12 minutes in length. 
Once you have completed the training, we will offer an option to provide you with a mentor who has implemented the L.I.T. ministry model in the church or organization. 
Pay-It-Forward: L.I.T. is working to training leaders and provide discipleship material for children internationally. We invite you to pay-it-forward. The average cost of our training is $99. You do not have to pay anything for our training, however, we invite you to pay it forward for leaders and children worldwide. If you or your ministry cannot afford the training or choose not pay-it-forward please use the discount code ETNGLIT.
You can watch the first video below to get an idea of the flow of the training.