Teaching Preteens How to Share Their Faith-Podcast

10387068 10152543792169558 4308050566381881748 oIn this session you will learn how to train preteens how to share their faith using the ABC Counseling Card. You will learn how to teach children how to counsel their lost friends. This counseling process teaches preteens how to discern when a person is ready to make a decision for Christ through open ended questions. 
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Six Spiritual Disciplines That Bring Transformation in the Lives of Preteens

6 DisciplinesSix Spiritual Disciplines That Bring Transformation in the Lives of Preteens
Over the past 15 years we have seen the lives of preteens changed in powerful ways once they know how to walk with the Lord daily. Through daily disciplines of lordship, prayer, Bible study, evangelism, ministering using their gifts and living a life of obedience to Christ they develop a life sustaining personal walk with Christ. Dr. Clint May shares how you can teach life changing disciplines to children in your church which will bring spiritual change and set their spiritual foundation for life. 

Discovering the Spiritual Gifts of Children (Part 1)-Podcast

We have a calling to equip children now (Eph. 4:11-13). There is nothing in Scripture that tells us that Sign Up Barchildren should have to wait until they become adults to be equipped for ministry. On the contrary, there are many examples in God’s Word of children who started serving and leading at a young age (i.e., Samuel, David, Esther, Josiah, Jesus). Children want to feel important. They are important to the Lord. Through discipleship and service using their gifts, they develop a spiritual confidence that sustains them for life. Current research backs it up. Dr. Clint May will give you creative ideas to discover the spiritual gifts of children and show you how to engage them in ministry in your church.