To All Children’s Leaders and Parents of Kindergarteners Kindergarten Book Cover

From the Creators of the New Nehemiah Kids (N.K.) Kindergarten Materials (Samples to be released shortly)

We have some exciting news to share!

This summer, we are completing the N.K. Kindergarten student devotionals and leader guide to be ready for launch this coming fall 2019. Many of you have requested Kinder-level materials, and we are pleased to announce it is now happening!

Our goal in the creation of these materials has been two-fold: to help Kindergarteners learn the Gospel and to make it an exciting experience for them. As you are probably well aware, at L.I.T. Ministries we believe that our primary calling is to equip you (children’s leaders and parents) to help make disciples of the precious children God has placed in your care (Ephesians 4:11-16, Matthew 28:18-20, Proverbs 22:6). Toward this goal, we must ground children in the knowledge of the Gospel, which prepares them to make a well-informed, meaningful, and personal decision to receive Christ as their Savior and Lord when God draws them. Also, it is important that children know the Gospel well so they can share it with others—a key component to becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus. Therefore, the bulk of the content of the Kindergarten materials will cover the various components of the Gospel.

We are using the first four colors of the Wordless Book to frame this discussion and its concepts:

  • Gold to explain God and Heaven
  • Shades of dark colors (instead of the color black) to convey sin and its consequences
  • Red to share about Jesus and what He did for our sins
  • White to discuss how our sins can be forgiven and Jesus can become our Savior and Lord

There are 6 pages per week: one page for each day of the week, and the final page for Days 6 and 7 (or to allow a one-day break at the end of the week).

  • Day 1 is an introduction to the week.
  • Days 2-5 each highlight a different color from the Wordless Book:
    • Day 2 – Gold
    • Day 3 – Shades of dark colors
    • Day 4 – Red
    • Day 5 – White
  • Day 6 is a Bible story that highlights some of the concepts discussed that week.

Every week, a different aspect of what each color stands for is discussed. For example, in one of the weeks, Gold focuses on “God is the Creator;” in another week, Gold discusses the concept of “God is perfect;” another example is a week when Gold highlights “God loves me.”

In addition to making the Gospel clear for our Kindergartener children in these materials, we also want to make the experience a fun one for them!

For many of the parents and for the K-level kids themselves, this will be an introduction to the Nehemiah Kids materials (and eventually L.I.T.) and to doing regular daily devotionals. We want to make this an exciting time in their daily routine so they will enjoy it, complete their devotionals each day, and have a desire to continue in N.K./L.I.T. for years to come.

With that in mind, we have integrated several fun components into the daily devotionals: a comic-style format with a recurrent cartoon mascot, bright eye-catching colors, a clean layout with simple text boxes, a brief question-and-discussion section, a short memory verse to learn (one verse per week), a prayer suggestion, and a sticker place-holder for a sticker or star reward upon completion of each day’s devotional.

Since most children in Kindergarten have not yet learned to read, the material is designed to be read by a parent or guardian while the child looks at the page and its pictures. As the children learn to read, the parent/guardian may wish to have them read parts of the daily devotionals with help as needed. In order to help hold the kids’ attention, there are several items to read or do each day as part of the devotionals. Altogether, a day’s devotional should only take about 5-7 minutes. If so desired, the parent/guardian could extend the time a bit longer by asking additional questions to assess comprehension or to elaborate on a point raised in the materials.

The Kindergarteners are to bring their daily devotional books to the weekly small group sessions to show their leaders. This will allow leaders to look through the workbooks and see which days were completed by looking for the stickers/stars at the end of each page. We also ask leaders to call each child’s home sometime during each week to see how devotionals are going and to ask if there are any questions. We encourage leaders to praise children who are completing their devotionals and to gently encourage children who may not be doing their devotionals each day. This accountability should prove to be one more factor that helps children want to do all of their devotionals regularly.

Group leaders will have a leader guide to utilize during the weekly small group meetings. In these sessions, leaders will review with the children the concepts they learned that week in their daily devotionals. This review time can include telling stories, asking the Kindergarteners to share what they have learned, and playing review games. The review time should be a fun time for kids to discuss and reinforce the concepts they have studied. These various learning activities should cement the Gospel truths into the children’s hearts and minds.

All in all, we believe your Kindergartener will have a fun experience with these new materials and will learn the Gospel well.

May God bless you as you continue to encourage your children in their walk with our Lord!