L.I.T. will be a huge paradigm shift for your church. In order to cast the vision you need to understand where you are heading. DSC 7973
Understanding the Vision and Mission of L.I.T.

Our mission is to Empower The Next Generation

We recognize the uniqueness of every child. We are committed to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to disciple, equip, and release them for ministry in the church and the world.

The two main functions of LIT is to make disciples as Jesus commanded and to equip the younger saints for works of ministry.

Why do we believe this?

First, it is Christ mandate to make disciples.

We believe that when a child accepts Christ as their personal Savior that they are immediately sealed by the Holy Spirit. This is not a baby Holy Spirit. They receive the Holy Spirit which makes them the church today and the future.

Knowing this we believe at new birth they receive gifts from the Holy Spirit. This gives them value and purpose in the body of Christ.

We believe that kids do not have to wait to serve and that they are gifted to serve today.

How do we make this happen?

Discipleship: Through our daily devotionals children and preteens learn how to walk with Christ daily by learning spiritual disciplines that will carry them through life. These disciplines are learned both at home and church through daily quiet times and service.

  • Prayer
  • Personal Bible study, scripture memory and application
  • Making Christ Lord of their lives daily
  • They learn how to share their faith and become effective in reaching their lost friends
  • They serve using their gifts in the church today.
  • Through these daily disciplines they learn how to live a life of obedience to Christ.

Service: Churches become intentional in training and equipping children for ministry. They also develop creative ways to engage children and preteens in ministry on a weekly basis. This allows them to take what they have learned and to put it into practice.

Parents Are Engaged in the Process: In order to have the greatest impact on the lives of a child in your church you must have parental support by teaching them to be actively involved in the discipleship process at home.  L.I.T. provides the tools you will need to properly train parents to get them on board in the discipleship of their child.

Properly Trained Leaders: Through L.I.T. leaders take on the role of mentor just like Paul did with Timothy in the New Testament. Through the disciple group materials the leaders learn to model their faith to their small group. The leaders should also doing the daily quite times and scripture memory. As they move through the year they learn the spiritual gifts of each child and begin to allow them to use their gifts in the small group time. This allows them to develop their spiritual gifts and to help the students find God’s divine purpose for their lives.

Children and Preteens Become Missional Minded: Included with the resource is our mission trip training resources. For over 16 years L.I.T. has sponsored over 30 preteen mission trips. Over 3,000 preteens and leaders in the US have taken part in these mission trips. They have ministered to over 5,000 children and their families and have lead over 1,200 to Christ. Through these trips’ preteens are released to lead out through teaching, leading songs, crafts, counseling lost children and much more. To prepare for these trips they go through extensive training.

What are the results?

Each year thousands of preteens move into the student ministry who know how to walk with the Lord Jesus daily. They have discovered God’s plan and purpose through service and ministry and are ready to face the next challenge.

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