Step Five: Becoming an Effective Small Group Leader—"You Do!”

I want to challenge you today as you read this article. Look at children according to their potential, not at where they are AdobeStock 111600961 1today.
I must be honest, some kids in my church have driven me crazy at times—especially the kids with ADD like me.
They can really test my patience. But they can also become great leaders in the church, in ministry, and in small groups.
There is a young man (Richard) who works for me and has come up through the ranks in the church. He had a solid small group leader who engaged him in the group each week.
This leader would push Richard to teach and take on leadership roles within his group.
We trained Richard how to run our Mac (Pro Presenter®), sound, and lights hen he was eleven years old.
He can now mix a band during worship services.
Last year, I asked Richard to be the Assistant Director in charge of our mission trips.
He would oversee more than 270 adults and preteens.
Richard had a real burden for the students who where are support staff on the trip, so he wrote them a 3-week Bible study.
What’s unique about Richard is that he is only 18 years old! Yes, he is 18 years old, and he already has 9 years of
experience in ministry.
This example is the key to your next step in becoming an effective small group leader and taking the kids in your group
deeper and deeper in their walk with Christ.
It is through releasing them more and more in ministry that we help them find purpose and identity in the church.
I have multiple staff members now working with our ministry…the youngest is 14 years old.
What brought them to this point were leaders who modeled the Christian faith and intentionally equipped and empowered
them to serve at a very young age.
What happens in D-Group (small group) has a lasting effect on the lives of children when we allow them to take ownership.
Remember the steps:
1. I Do, You Watch
2. I Do, You Help
3. You Do, I Help
4. You Do, I Watch
5. You Do
The final step is “You Do.”
This means they do it all by themselves.
You have trained, released, trained, and released.
Now it is time to let them do it on their own.
That means it becomes their ministry.
Remember, they have the Holy Spirit and He will guide them and give them vision.
Believe me! I love to sit back and watch God work through them, but YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE WAY!
Here are the final steps:
1. Give them ownership. Encourage your group to pray and ask the Lord for guidance. Watch and see how the Lord will speak to them.
2. Let them use their own creative ideas to teach your group. You will be amazed to see what kids will come up with on their own. Their gifts will
manifest before your eyes.
3. Fan the flame. As they minister to each other, cheer them on.
Remember, every gift has value in your group.
No single one is better than another.
As Paul tells us, every part of the body has to be in place for it to function properly.
Please know that we are committed to your success. If you would like to know more about Leaders In Training, click here.