"A Journey of Prayer" for Children

Journey of Prayer“I thought you were crazy when you announced that we would be praying for an hour and a half with the kids. I did not think that second grade boys could pray that long. I was totally wrong. They prayed the whole time with excitement.” This was the response from one of our leaders years ago when we took children on what we call “A Journey of Prayer.” We set aside one evening and set up our classrooms as prayer stations.


It was a lot of work, but the results were totally amazing as the kids walked from room to room and prayed and interceded for the world. This is what I call “serious fun”! Prayer is serious business, but it can become fun for children as they learn to intercede before their Heavenly Father in prayer. When they approach God as children, they connect with their loving Father and pour out their hearts before His throne. The fun part of the journey is when they move from room to room to find out what they will pray for next. Your leaders will be amazed as the children tap into the heart of God and pray their hearts out for the lost, people in authority, and the nations. I encourage you to take the children of your church on a journey of prayer. You will witness firsthand as they join their hearts with the Lord and pray in ways you have never seen or heard before.

Here is an outline you can use to set up “A Journey of Prayer” in your church. Enjoy! Click here.