What is Kid Power Camp?

Kid Power Camp is an interactive Bible study led by children and preteens. Before preteens arrive in the city for their mission trip, the church will walk them through training for the trip. Churches that sign up will be given the resources to properly prepare their preteens and students for missions. Here is what is including in the training and prep for the trip:

  1. Every mission trip, L.I.T.s will learn the mission trip songs. Churches are encouraged to begin learning the songs on a regular basis during regular Sunday and Wednesday activities. Children and preteens will learn them very quickly with repetition.
  2. Students and leaders are provided devotionals that prepare their hearts for the mission trip.
  • Children and students will develop their personal testimonies and learn to share them with a large group on the trip.
  • They will be taught an effective way to counsel lost children.
  • They will study together the Bible studies that will be taught on the mission trip.
  • They will learn how to tell the Bible story using interactive lessons.
  • They will learn simple crafts that will be taught at the Kid Power Camp sites.
  • They will learn how to give a clear evangelistic message and how to invite children to respond to their message.

L.I.T. will provide you with full support as you prepare your group for the mission trip.

How does L.I.T. Ministries choose a location for mission trips?

The L.I.T. Mission Trips begin in August of every year as we work with local churches in multiple states to partner with the ministry. Here is part of the process of determining where we go each year:

  1. We pray for God’s leadership and open doors of ministry.
  2. We look for church families that are committed to reaching their community.
  3. We look for churches that believe in children and support them in their ministry and mission.
  4. Through the process, the church agrees to partner with L.I.T. by providing the facility for us to house our group.
  5. The local church determines the region around their church that they are called to reach within a five- to ten-mile radius.
  6. The local church finds ministry locations months in advance before the mission trip.
  7. L.I.T. provides the promotional resources for the Kid Power Camps, which are paid for through the mission trip fees. The church commits to distribute the promotional flyers two weeks prior to our arrival.

What happens with the children that accept Christ at the ministry sites during the mission trip?

  • Records are taken at the mission trip sites with the proper address and contact information for each child. This information is given to the local church to follow up.
  • Children who make professions of faith will be provided a new Bible and new Christian materials to begin their walk with Christ.
  • The local church is committed to visiting the families following our departure.

What if I have to choose between the mission trip or camp?

If you had to choose between the mission trip and another activity, why would you choose one over the other?


When you attend summer camps for kids, there are certain purposes they are trying to accomplish. The majority of camps have a strong evangelistic focus; therefore, if you have kids who know Christ, they are mostly hearing the Gospel message throughout their week of camp. Other camps focus on personal spiritual growth. Mixed in the middle of camp are lots of fun activities, games, worship, and Bible teaching. In some camps, they focus on mission education. Camp is a wonderful experience.

Mission Trip

On the mission trip, preteens and students are trained and released to do missions. They are given opportunities to serve, teach, minister, and share the Good News of Christ. The uniqueness of the mission trip is that kids can learn Scripture one minute and then in the next minute, they can see Scripture come alive through ministry and sharing the Good News of Christ in the world around them. Leaders have wonderful, teachable moments as they walk through the day with the children in their group. Every year, children, preteens, and students alike connect with God’s purpose and plan to reach the world with His love. During the trip, they will learn to pray and see God answer their prayers before their eyes. Leaders receive training that shows them how to put kids in situations that are out of their comfort zones, and then they watch God show up and use the kids in powerful ways. Their spiritual gifts will manifest in many ways on the mission trip as they use their gifts to build up the body of Christ. There are so many elements of the mission trip that are fun, and they will make friends for life. Their experience of being used by God to show His love and compassion brings transformation and changed hearts and lives among your kids.  

How do I determine when my children and students are ready for the mission trip?

We see leaders every year who make the decision not to bring their kids because they have determined that they are not spiritually ready or mature enough. The problem with this approach is that we cannot judge a child or student from their outward appearance. God is the One who knows their heart.

On the other hand, many leaders go ahead and bring their group, and then they are astounded and amazed by what they see among their children and students while on the trip. One leader shared, “I did not know that they could even do something like this.” Many times, they just haven’t been given a chance. Marc Faulkenbery shared, “I have taught these kids most of their lives. I had my doubts before the trip, but they have blown me away. They stepped up to the challenge and have performed their duties with maturity and ability beyond what I could have ever imagined.” Before you say no, pray and ask the Lord what His will is for the children and students of your church.

What about safety and security on the mission trip?

L.I.T. Ministries is committed to the safety and security of every child and student that attends the mission trip. This is how we enforce it:

  • All leaders go through criminal background checks and are certified by their home church before they can attend the mission trip.
  • Leaders are required to go through child safety training and are required to provide proof of certification before they can attend the mission trip.
  • During the first day of the mission trip, children, students, and leaders go through safety training. This training includes ways to recognize inappropriate behavior. Many times, leaders are well trained, but we take it to a new level to help kids recognize and report anything questionable. There is also absolutely no tolerance for bullying on the mission trip.
  • Everyone at the church facility where we will be housed receives a colored arm band. This band tells those staying at the church that anyone wearing the arm band is safe to be onsite. A different color band is given to church staff members and leadership from the host church so that we know they are supposed to be onsite during the day. We also let children and leaders know that those people will not be staying at the church overnight.

Can families attend the mission trip together?

Absolutely! We encourage families to attend the trip together. L.I.T. will provide family discounts. Contact us, and we will work with you to set proper discounts for each family member. If families attend, we cannot guarantee that they can room together. Also, it is suggested that families not bring children that are kindergarten age or under. The mission trip is tiring and not restful for preschool children. In some cases, there are exceptions made.

What do my mission trip fees cover?

The mission trip costs are all covered upon your arrival at the mission trip location. (One exception is that we have one evening during the mission trip when we allow churches to take their groups out for dinner or to see a local attraction.) Here are what your fees cover:

  • All promotional resources for the mission trip
  • All mission trip Bible studies, counseling resources, and student and adult devotionals
  • All the meals during the mission trip (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Meals for the children that attend the Kid Power Camps at all the sites
  • T-shirts, banners, posters, etc.
  • Equipment rentals, such as shower trailers, vans, vehicles, etc.
  • Daily crafts for the various locations
  • Mission trip staff salaries
  • All other expenses related to the mission trip
  • A Bible for every child that attends the Kid Power Camps
  • New Christian materials