What if Kids Could Do More in the Church Today?

Kids in ChurchPlease be our guest today at 1:00 p.m. central time for a brief webinar to discuss preteen L.I.T. (Leaders in Training). 

For the past fourteen years L.I.T. has developed a process for discipling and equipping children for ministry.  This process brings rapid transformation in the lives of children.

Kids in Church 2It connects them to true elements of their faith as they explore God's word and put it into practice.

It connects them in a loving relationship with Christ as they develop their relationship with Him through spiritual disciplines.

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It gives them identity in the body of Christ as they discover their spirituals gifts and use their gifts to build up the body of Christ. 

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Let us help you discover your role as the church leader in the exciting journey of training and releasing children in ministry.

Learn about our effective seven step process of moving children from siting to full engagement in ministry.

Following the webinar we will send you a free copy of our new 100 page directors handbook as our gift to you. 

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