Transitioning Preteens into Student Ministry


Student MinistryIf you have worried about transitioning preteens who have been in L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) into the student ministry of your church, your worries are over. There have beea lot of challenges along the way to determine the best way to transition preteens from L.I.T. to the student ministry. The answer to the problem is not to stop what you are doing, but to continue the discipleship and equipping process. We discovered a common thread that when preteens moved into the student ministry, they were often lost because there was no longer a way to continue the process of L.I.T. We found that the best answer is to continue the process and take it to the next level. There are four elements of Csalt that help preteens move up:

  1. They continue doing daily quiet times using devotionals that challenge students at a higher level of Bible study, journaling, prayer, and abiding in Christ.
  2. Students are taken to a higher level of service and meeting the needs of others.
  3. We help them find their spiritual gifts, equip them, and engage them in ministry using their gifts.
  4. We develop them into servant-leaders by giving them God-sized challenges and responsibilities (those that are only possible with God). 
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