L.I.T. Ministries Newsletter - June 2017

A Lifetime Member’s Perspective of L.I.T.
image01We recently completed a training event at Iron City Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. One of the church members who attended was a lifetime member. Joyce shared her heart about what she heard and received from the training: “I have been in this church for seventy plus years. I have been a part of children’s ministry for about 35 years. We have had many programs come and go. I have taught Son Beams to preschoolers, GAs, Bible Drill—all kinds of programs, but I have never seen a better-implemented program than this one (L.I.T.). It teaches us more how to teach our children. I have been overwhelmed with how awesome this can be for our church. I understand that it is a concept that will be hard for most people to accept. But I think that if we can teach our children in the right way and lead them to Christ and show them how to minister and share their faith, this can be one of greatest programs this church has ever seen. I encourage every parent to be a part of this. I can’t stress enough how important it will be.”
Ministry Update from Clint May
image02The summer is upon us. I am so excited to see what the Lord does in and through the lives of the preteens and students who will attend this year’s L.I.T. Mission Trips. We have three trips planned and are getting ready to head out this Friday for Oklahoma City. We will be staying at Emmaus Baptist Church. On this trip, we have five churches joining us to minister in OKC. I am forever grateful for our staff and their role in the mission trips. It is such a blessing and joy to watch them take the lead and carry on the ministry. I have learned so much watching their faith grow and them stepping up to God-sized challenges and seeing Him carry them through every time. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of L.I.T. Ministries. Be sure to watch us on Facebook. We will go live several times during the mission trips so you can see firsthand what the Lord is doing. You will also see daily postings of pictures of the trip.
With the busy-ness of the summer, our next newsletter will be mailed out in August or sooner.
L.I.T. Ministries International
Update from Cape Town, South Africa by Jaco Viljoen
The L.I.T. translation process for the L.I.T. Year One: Fall Devotional is complete. The next step is editing and then to our graphic artist for layout. Continue to pray for God’s provision for the translation and publication of the Afrikaans resources.
Update from Piedras Negras, Mexico
We are moving forward with translating the L.I.T. student materials into Spanish. Once finalized, we will be ready for the next step…to launch L.I.T. in Mexico in September.
L.I.T. Ministries Praises and Prayer Needs
  • We completed a great training event in Alabama. We will have new L.I.T. and Nehemiah Kids churches in Alabama and North Carolina this fall.
  • For God’s amazing provision for the ministry
  • For Jaco and Johanessa Viljoen, for their service and commitment to the children in South Africa
  • For Alex and Diana Aburto who have working with us in the training of leaders in Piedras Negras
  • For the completion of our online training track and Brendon Gustaf who edited the video (We will release it on our new website shortly.)
Prayer Needs:
  • For travel safety for View Acres Baptist Church, Foundation Church, Northview Church, First Baptist Church Sapulpa, and Calvary Baptist Church as they travel to Oklahoma City this Saturday
  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Emmaus Church and the community surrounding the church where we will be working
  • For God’s provision to hire needed staff in 2018
  • For the Lord’s blessing as we promote the ministry in the DFW area and via the Internet
  • For Jaco and Johanessa for their financial needs to be met in Cape Town, South Africa