"God Moved in Many Ways" August 2017 Newsletter

“God Moved in Many Ways”DSC 5349

This past summer, we saw the Lord move in so many different ways. It can only be described as amazing! There were numerous prayers answered, and the Lord moved in and through the lives of the L.I.T.s on the mission trips. Marc Faulkenbery shared that there were so many distractions going on at their site in Cedar Hill, Texas; however, it was still amazing to watch the kids turn to prayer. One day, a flock of birds landed near where they were having Bible study. They were so loud that the kids could not hear the Bible study. Marc explained, “I saw Cassidy walk over towards the tree where the birds were. She bowed her head to pray, and immediately the birds were silent. It was amazing to watch!” One day during the trip, an adult leader came to me (Clint) in tears and confessed, “You were right. I have been a helicopter leader. I have been overprotective of the children in my church, but God has proven me otherwise. I have restricted them from being used by God.”


DSC 5466Prayers for the 4/14 Window Movement

On Tuesday evening of the Cedar Hill mission trip, we were privileged to have special guest Tom Victor, Director of the North American Advisory Team for the 4/14 Window Movement. Tom shared about the 4/14 Window international movement and how God is raising up children around the world as prayer warriors for the kingdom of God. After Tom shared, we released the L.I.T.s and leaders for a time of prayer for children internationally. They prayed for the Lord to raise up prayer warriors in children around the world. The kids and leaders prayed for the nations for more than an hour. Many prayed in tears over the situations in various nations. Some are as high as 98 percent Islam and only .03 percent Christian. One L.I.T. named Shelby shared, “I don’t cry a lot, but when I got to Israel, it broke my heart. That was the place where Jesus was born and where He walked on the earth and died for our sins. Only three percent of that population believe in Him. It broke my heart into a million pieces.” (Click here to hear her story.) The next day, Brandi Melvin from Springfield, Missouri, share with me, “You were right. I was blown away! I have never seen kids pray for an hour for other countries and for kids from other countries.”  

L.I.T. Mission Trip 2017 Wrap UpDSC 5331

It was a joy having three mission trips this summer! The third trip stretched us, but it was well worth it, knowing that many came to know Christ and that lives were changed in a powerful way. We had 16 churches from four states (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas) take part in the trips. There were 87 professions of faith! I believe the greatest results were in the lives of the children and students that participated. The mission trip gives them a missions mindset that we hope and pray they will maintain the rest of their lives.

Capturing our storyCapturing Our Story

Brian Victor, who is a producer and part of the 4/14 Window team, joined us on the Cedar Hill mission trip. Brian is the son of Tom Victor. During the Cedar Hill trip, Brian filmed and interviewed three of our mission trip staff members (Micah Galey, Breanne Morgan, and Hannah Long). The purpose of Brian being there was to capture the story of how God is using kids in the church today and raising them up to be leaders in the body of Christ and on mission.



From My Heart

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for L.I.T. The Lord has been so good to Vicki and me after my going full time with the ministry these past three years. Throughout this time, I am learning more and more that I must waitimage02 on the Lord. Now I am becoming more comfortable in my role as President of the ministry. You see, there are a lot of good ideas out there, but I don’t just want a bunch of good ideas any more. I want them to be “God ideas” and to have a “God-sized vision.” As I was reading this week, the Lord reminded me of a passage of Scripture where He told Moses that He was going to send the people of Israel forward without Him. Moses said to the Lord, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here. For how then can it be known that I have found favor in Your sight, I and Your people? Is it not by Your going with us, so that we, I and Your people, may be distinguished from all the other people who are upon the face of the earth?” (Exodus 33:15) This is my prayer for L.I.T., that we would not make a step unless the Lord is calling us to do just that. I don’t want to do anything if He is not going with us. Please pray for me to be patient and wait on the Lord. He is doing amazing things, which I will share with you in the future. Join us on the journey to empower the next generation. For more information click here

Your Servant, Clint May, President, L.I.T. Ministries

Prayer Request


  • 87 professions of faith
  • The Lord worked powerfully in and through the lives of L.I.T.s on the mission trips—they recognized their authority in Christ, and by their faith, they moved spiritual mountains!
  • God’s continued and amazing provision for L.I.T.

Prayer Needs:

  • In the building where we are currently housed, a suite has opened up that could provide needed space for future training events as well as office space for our staff. Please pray for God’s will concerning this space. We just need to know if it is His will to move forward. It would cost the ministry $1,000/month.
  • For wisdom as the Lord continues to open doors for international training and ministry. Pray for clear direction as we wait on the Lord.
  • Training in Piedras Negras in September to help a local church there start L.I.T.
  • For God’s divine wisdom to take the next steps for L.I.T.