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Here are just few of the many wonderful testimonies from the 2018 L.I.T. Mission Trip. DSC 6292
  • “I began to see their role as we started L.I.T. at our church last year. I have always heard, ‘Children are the future church,’ but now I believe that the future is now, as children can and should be used in ministry.” —Chris Stanley
  • The Mission Trip Changed the Kids’ Lives in a Powerful Way!  We had a family in which the younger brother was asking questions about spiritual things/salvation. Mom was answering questions, but when it got to the point where the boy wanted to accept Christ, she invited her daughter in. Her daughter had attended the mission trip. She got her Bible and counseling card and led her brother to Christ! Our 5th & 6th graders were praying the P.R.A.Y. prayer, and one of our gals (who went on the mission trip) has been changed. During the "Ask", she prayed that God would give her opportunities to share about Jesus with her friends at school that week. The mission trip changed the kids in a powerful way, and we are STILL seeing the effects of it. We have a new crop, and we are excited to see our "newbies" learn and grow from our "experienced" L.I.T.s! 
  • “I saw the realization of how much they (L.I.T.s) needed to rely on the Holy Spirit. They went out of their comfort zones and allowed the leaders to push them further than before. I also saw their confidence in their salvation grow as our group focused on Philippians 1:6. Children are the now generation—not our future leaders—but leaders now when they truly allow God to lead them.” —Susan Johnson
  • “I saw the Holy Spirit take control of a fourth grader’s speech as she witnessed without pause or stutter…a real change from her normal speech. As the L.I.T.s told the Bible stories through word and skits, I saw fidgety children settle and become captivated by God’s Word.” —Dave Johnson
  • “I’ve been watching our kids serve in our church for several years, but it was fun to watch them take it out to the public. They are bolder than most adults I have seen.” —Sara Riley
  • “This program is the start of transforming the church from an immature group of consumers to a servant-minded group of growing and thriving and multiplying believers.” —Jim Tilley

Mission Trip Motion Videos

DonJoin us this year on the L.I.T. Mission Trip. Whether you are a preteen or leader, you will witness God work in powerful ways through preteens from your church. For 16 years, L.I.T. Ministries has hosted more than 30 mission trips in six states. Preteens who attend the mission trips are trained, and on the mission trip, they are released to proclaim the Good News of Christ. Preteens from 38 different churches have participated in reaching 4,500+ children, students, and adults with the Good News of Christ. By releasing preteens to ministry, they grasp a heart for the Great Commission. Through the years, preteens have led at least 1,150 children, students, and adults to Christ on the mission trips.. 


Dates and Locations for 2019

  • June 23-28, (Max Occupancy)
  • Waxahachie, TX 75165
  • July 7-12
    Catoosa, Oklahoma