2019 L.I.T. Ministries Report-November Newsletter

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I want to personally thank you for your continued prayers and support. We have had an amazing year! We have seen the Lord work in countless ways on our 29 mission trips between 2004-Tanzania2019. We have heard remarkable testimonies of life changes from the many churches that we serve in the United States and Canada. And now, we are in awe at how the Lord has expanded the reach of L.I.T. into 11 countries beyond the U.S. Little did we know in the summer of 2002 where God would take this ministry today. L.I.T. Ministries has been blessed to be a part of a vision that is now impacting thousands of children internationally.

As we look forward to 2020, the Lord has made it clear that we are to:

Provide our resources to third-world countries at no cost: Many countries have no discipleship resources whatsoever. Our vision is to provide needed resources that reach children with the Gospel and disciple them to be disciple-makers themselves. We provide these resources as a result of your financial support, the sale of resources in the U.S., and fees from our mission trips.

71254713 10157135684616329 3329854682498596864 nCast the vision: This past fall, we had the privilege of training more than 100 leaders in three states through our Empowering Kids Leadership Training events. Our training spotlights the potential of every believing child in the church and how to train them up to minister in the church and to be on mission with the message of the Gospel. We know that properly trained leaders have a lasting impact on the children in their church. This drives us to take our training into multiple states as well as international locations.

Please click here for a copy of our 2019 Ministry Report. The report highlights so many things the Lord has done this year and for the past 17 years. Thank you again for your continued support and prayers.

It is because of you that the Lord has blessed L.I.T. Ministries and allowed us to move forward on mission for Him. Would you prayerfully consider joining us on this journey to Empower the Next Generation with an end-of-year gift if you have not already done so?

God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving season!

In His Service,

Dr. Clint May

President, L.I.T. Ministries

Clint May