The Lasting Impact of L.I.T.

Richard C
Richard Cervantez, College Freshman
My journey with L.I.T. began nine years ago when I was in third grade. I was first introduced to the Gospel at an after school club called “Good News Club.” A sixth grade L.I.T. named Carilyn led ME to Christ one afternoon after a Gospel presentation and presented me with my very own Bible. From there, we began attending church on a regular basis and becoming involved in weeknight activities. One of those activities was the L.I.T. program. My L.I.T. group was always volunteering in and outside the church. My church also had Tech as a ministry team where we learned how to run a sound and light board. It was the service opportunities and teaching about spiritual gifts that prepared me for a life of service. Now, eleven years later, I am the L.I.T. Assistant Missions Director. Without the guidance of faithful leaders who invested time and effort into making sure we had fun and learned on Wednesday nights, I wouldn’t be where I am now. 
Noah Lehew, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
“L.I.T. has definitely made my relationship with God deeper. I was required to spend time with the Lord each day, and at first, I didn't understand why. But eventually, God started revealing His Word to me and showing me how to apply it. I struggled with many things, including anger, but being held accountable through L.I.T. in a quiet time has allowed me to grow deeper and control my actions.
“It helped me a lot in transitioning into the student ministry. There were many people in the student area who have not had the discipleship that I have had. I had opportunities to disciple them and encourage them in their walk with Christ. Sometimes, it was hard transitioning in because I felt different. I'm not sure in what ways, but eventually, when we started our student discipleship groups, I quickly found out how to use all that God has been teaching me over the years. He showed me how to invest in others."
amyrossAmy Ross, College Graduate, Fort Worth, Texas
“This program was a huge foundation for my life. It carried me through all of middle school, high school, and college. I can see where the foundation is. The routes of memorizing Scripture, being in the Word every day, and doing a quiet time. Discipling others and being discipled as an adult is so important.”

Hannah Long, College Senior,
"L.I.T. taught me the importance of sharing my faith with others. Serving in the church has definitely strengthened my faith. I felt a responsibility to those that I was teaching to know every part of the lesson that I was teaching so I could answer any questions that they had, and in the process, I learned things that strengthened my faith. This experience gave me a passion for teaching and serving others. I have continued to serve in the church throughout high school, and college. 
hannah lehewHannah Lehew, College Senior
“L.I.T has impacted my life by showing me the importance of having a daily quiet time. Before I was in L.I.T., I didn't really have the discipline to read my Bible every day and to memorize verses. Having a spiritual influence to keep me accountable every week made a huge difference in my walk with the Lord. Through L.I.T., God taught me how to have a quiet time and listen to Him. Without having that discipleship at an early age, I doubt that I would have a strong root in my relationship with Christ through my teenage years.

“By serving in the church for a long time, I would say that I have not only become closer to God but closer with the church body. I have met some of my closest friends through serving the Lord with them. My faith becomes stronger when I am serving the Lord and with people who have the same desire as I do—to glorify God in everything that we do."