What are leaders saying about the impact of the L.I.T. Mission Trip?

"I saw fear and walls breaking down among our kids and them opening up to allow the Holy Spirit to lead them and work through them. I am deeply thankful for the truths I have learned and DSC 7982witnessed first-hand of the full power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of every believer, no matter their age.” Jamie Brown, Springfield, Missouri

“One of the biggest lies the enemy has told the church is that children can’t be active participants in their faith journey. This has led to spiritually immature adults. Kids who actively engage in spiritual practices become adults who are actively engaged!” Brandi Melvin, Southgate

“The children are capable of preaching the Gospel. We need to stop thinking that we need to keep our kids in a bubble and start letting them go out and teach God’s Word to all.” Chelsey Freeman

“I loved seeing our kids speak God’s Word and point others to Him. They were able to keep their attention with worship and crafts and games.” Mike Groeneveld, Spiro FBC

“Even children who you wouldn’t think could, can/do share and get excited to share their faith.” Jennifer Roberts, Memorial

“I have seen my group grow so much this week. God has moved through these kids so much on this mission trip. The kids on this mission trip have shared the Gospel better than most adults that I have seen.” Landon Harper, Willow Park Church