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Each year preteens, students, and adults come together with a common purpose to share with Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost world.  L.I.T. has a proud heritage of sponsoring and hosting over 30 mission trips in the past 17 years.  There is no greater joy to provide opportunities for young leaders to become missionaries. Through our proven training, resources, and planning, L.I.T. paves the way for a powerful mission event. When you sign up, you will be joining churches from multiple states on a trip that will have a lasting impact on everyone who takes part. You will witness the Holy Spirit working in and through the lives of preteens and students alike. 

Our L.I.T. Mission Trip vision is to partner with churches to go wherever the Church is not and plant the Gospel. We desire to see people far from God come to know Him. We aim to get outside the walls to rescue people from being eternally separated from Jesus. The L.I.T. mission trip provides a platform for preteens to be missionaries for Christ in communities throughout the United States. 

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2021 Mission Trips Dates:
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 19-25
  • Lewisville, Texas, July 24-29
Check back for additional dates and details 
Testimonies From the 2021 Mission Trip
  • “I have enhanced my belief that children are capable of anything. God is limitless and can equip anyone to do anything if they accept God’s will.” Janet Bergen
  • “I saw Him giving my girls compassion for others and opening their eyes to see lost people. I saw Him bring out their gifts.” Emily Mullis
  • “They are powerful vessels. They have a position and place in ministry and we as the church need to make room for them.” DeAnn Noyes
  • “I saw the joy in the kids full of the Spirit. Even during “chores” they were laughing and enjoying working for the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit.” Tammie Thibodaux
  • “I saw boldness overcoming fear. I saw kids (L.I.T.’s) convicted of sin and fully surrendering to the Lord, committing to change when they come home.” Nancy Ruth Bailey
  • “Oh, my goodness-they can do it. After doing L.I.T. since October, then the nine-week training we felt our kids were prepared. But seeing the whole program work, working together-it truly is a mighty work of the Holy Spirit. I will go home trusting the Lord more to let loose and watch.” Lou Duncan
Registration Cost
  • $240/person (if the $50 deposit is paid on or before January 15)*
  • $250/person (if the $50 deposit is paid on or before February 1)*
  • $260/person (if the $50 deposit is paid on or before February 28)*
Registration Will Open on December 1st.
*Mission trip deposits are non-refundable after March 1.


Who can attend the L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

The mission trip is for those who have completed third grade through sixth grade. As well as students who will be trained to lead out. 

Why should my church attend a L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

If you are like many church leaders, having to plan one more event can be overwhelming. The significant part about the mission trip is that we provide all the resources you will need to train your preteens and leaders for the mission trip. We also do all the footwork to locate partnering churches to house church groups during the trip, and then we partner with the churches to follow up with children after the conclusion of the trip.

What Do My Mission Trip Fees Cover?

Your mission trip fees cover everything once you arrive at your destination. It includes housing, 15 meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It also includes lunches for the children who attend the daily Bible studies at the sites where your preteens will lead. The fees cover the cost of all materials, T-shirts, supplies, Bibles, and new Christian follow-up resources. You will also meet other believers from multiple churches and work together on mission.

What are leaders saying about the impact of the L.I.T. Mission Trip?