One of the challenges we face in the church today is our model of ministry. What does yours look like?Discipleship vs Christian Education

If you have an education model, children will sit and listen to someone teach and minister to them from birth–18 years of age.

A discipleship model recognizes that the Holy Spirit does not discriminate because of age. He works in all believers, young and old. 

True discipleship occurs when the teacher becomes a mentor whose goal is to move students (mentees) to being mentors—like when the player becomes the coach.  Read More...

What They Didn't Teach Me in Seminary, by Dr. Clint May

I recently shared during a seminary childhood education class about how God is working powerfully in the lives ofGraduates children. I shared about how the Holy Spirit gifts them and uses them in powerful ways. I even showed them videos of children ministering and teaching.

A student walked up after the class and said, “I just cannot believe this. I have three education degrees, and I don’t believe that kids can do these kinds of things.” I told her, “I am sorry to hear that, but remember God can do what He wants in the life of a child.” Read More...