Jesus tells us, 'Freely you have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8b). 
The L.I.T. Board of Directors voted on May 8 to offer all L.I.T. Resources at no cost to a church or Christian organization. 
Our resources are now free to any church or Christian organization worldwide. 
But, there is a catch to this gift. You are required to complete our certification training. 
We want to help you to transform the way you do ministry with children. 
We believe that God calls children to minister today in the local church. 
We want to come alongside to show you how to disciple children and release them to minister in your church. 
God has a plan and purpose for their lives that goes far beyond sitting and listening to fully engaging them in ministry. 
They are called to minister today.
The Empowering The Next Generation Certification Training will take you to a new level of Children's Ministry. We at L.I.T. are committed to providing you with training and resources that will accomplish this mission in your church. 
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Here is what makes our discipleship process effective in your church.