Training Opportunities and Resources

Heidi Hayslip"We Cannot Tell You How Providential This Training Was." (Heidi Hayslip)

"God connected us with this new system of discipleship for kids. It was all God. And we saw that this was just the thing to take our children's pastors to the next level. God loves the children of Burkina so much that He is setting them up to be activated in their faith and used by the Holy Spirit to be disciples that make disciples!"



Welcome to the L.I.T. Ministries Training and Resource Page.

  • We are here to serve the body of Christ by Empowering the Next Generation to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.
  • As a gift to the church, we offer our free online training.
  • That is our commitment to you and your ministry. 

ETNG Leadership ConferenceETNG Training Conference (Three-Day Event) 

April 8-10, Littleton, Colorado

Over the last 21 years, L.I.T. Ministries has passionately developed a model of children’s ministry that focuses on reaching, discipling, and equipping children for ministry and missions. Our ultimate goal is to make disciples who make disciples. 

Through the Empowering Conference, we will train you how to implement a ministry model that will have a lasting impact using what we believe are four biblical keys to children's ministry. 


ETNG Online TrainingEmpowering The Next Generation Online Training 

You have direct access to our E.T.N.G. Video Training. We have had the honor of training thousands of leaders worldwide through this format, and our training handbook has been translated into ten languages.


Dr. Clint May 92 Podcast

Minutes With Dr. Clint May is a one- to five-minute podcast that encourages families and church leadership. It contains information to help you take the right direction for your family and children's ministry today.






Childrens Ministry Leadership Training

 Children's Ministry Leadership Training will help you shift the paradigm in your children's ministry from education to discipleship and equipping, which is essential for fostering a holistic and enduring impact on the lives of children in your church.

By building bridges between parents and the church, we lay the foundation for a resilient and interconnected faith community that stands the test of time.



Missions and Evangelism

Missions-Evangelism Training Have you ever wanted to take your preteens or students on a mission trip? Not the kind where you go to clean up, fix up, or serve in a community, but a mission trip where your preteens and students are fully engaged in sharing the Gospel?

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