L.I.T. Mission Trips

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2020 Mission Trips Date:
June 20-26, Lewisville, Texas

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The L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip is just that...a preteen mission trip. On the mission trip, preteens from churches from multiple states work together to share the Good News of Christ. Nine weeks prior to the trip, they develop their personal testimony and begin training and preparing for their mission trip. They learn and practice teaching an evangelistic Bible study, counseling a lost child, and leading mission trip songs.

On the mission trip, they do practically everything—they teach the lesson, lead the songs, share their testimonies, counsel lost children, lead games, and teach crafts. They take on a major role in planning each day while adult leaders support and encourage them along the way.

 Who can attend the L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

The mission trip is for those who have completed third grade through sixth grade. 


67710370 10157605613179558 4719151954213732352 oWhy should my church attend an L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

If you are like many church leaders, having to plan one more event can be overwhelming. The great part about the mission trip is that we provide all the resources you will need to properly train your preteens and leaders for a mission trip. We also do all the footwork to locate partnering churches to house church groups during the trip, and then we partner with the churches to follow up with children after the conclusion of the trip.




Mission Trip Fee Pay Deposit Now

To reserve your location, a $50/person deposit is required. Mission trip fees are determined by the day you make your deposit.
  • $250/person (A $50 deposit per person is required to reserve your spot)
*Mission trip deposits are non-refundable after March 1.

What Do My Mission Trip Fees Cover?

Your mission trip fees cover everything once you arrive at your destination. It includes housing, 15 meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It also includes lunches for the children who attend the daily Bible studies at the sites where your preteens will lead. The fees cover the cost of all materials, T-shirts, supplies, Bibles, and new Christian follow-up resources. You will also meet other believers from multiple churches and work together on mission.

What are leaders saying about the impact of the L.I.T. Mission Trip?



July 25-July 31, Texas