L.I.T. Mission Trips

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Equipping Leaders to Empower Kids to Fulfill God’s Call to Serve, Minister, and Be Missionaries
 2023 Mission Trip Dates
    • June 11-16, Littleton, Colorado (At Capacity)
    • June 25-30, Fort Worth, Texas (At Capacity)
    • July 16-21, Tulsa, Oklahoma (At Capacity)
    • July 23-28, Tulsa, Oklahoma (At Capacity)
    • August 6-11, Rocky Mount, North Carolina - Open
  • $260/person ($50 per person deposit is required to hold you spot)
*Mission trip deposits are non-refundable after April.
Each year preteens, students, and adults come together with a common purpose to share with Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost world.  L.I.T. has a proud heritage of sponsoring and hosting over 31 mission trips in the past 18 years.  There is no greater joy in providing opportunities for young leaders to become missionaries. Through our proven training, resources, and planning, L.I.T. paves the way for a powerful mission event. 
When you sign up, you will be joining churches from multiple states on a trip that will have a lasting impact on everyone who takes part. 
You will witness the Holy Spirit working in and through the lives of preteens and students alike. 

Our L.I.T. Mission Trip vision is to partner with churches to go wherever the Church is not and plant the Gospel.

We desire to see people far from God come to know Him.

We aim to get outside the walls to rescue people from being eternally separated from Jesus. The L.I.T. mission trip provides a platform for preteens to be missionaries for Christ in communities throughout the United States. 

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Testimonies From the 2022 Mission Trip
  • “I have known that the Lord can use children on mission trips and share the Gospel, but to see it in action has been amazing.”
  • “Shy kids open up, gifts of teaching manifesting, compassion and empathy, hearing the Holy Spirit.” (Ashlee Garcia)
  • “I was amazed at their leadership and ability to tell them about Jesus and counsel with them and the kids brave and eager to share.” (Diane Ward)
  • “Eye-opening that our kids step up when we allow ourselves to step down, and that peer-to-peer perspective is a shared youth language.” (Chris Goodwin)
  • “Our kids saw and experienced very different lives than they have. We can talk about it, but to see and experience what poverty, homelessness, and neglect look like was very humbling.” Who can attend the L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

The mission trip is for those who have completed third grade through sixth grade. As well as students who will be trained to lead out. 

Why should my church attend a L.I.T. Preteen Mission Trip?

If you are like many church leaders, having to plan one more event can be overwhelming. The significant part about the mission trip is that we provide all the resources you will need to train your preteens and leaders for the mission trip. We also do all the footwork to locate partnering churches to house church groups during the trip, and then we partner with the churches to follow up with children after the trip's conclusion.

What Do My Mission Trip Fees Cover?

Your mission trip fees cover everything once you arrive at your destination. It includes housing and meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It also includes lunches for the children who attend the daily Bible studies at the sites where your preteens will lead. The fees cover the cost of all materials, T-shirts, supplies, Bibles, and new Christian follow-up resources. You will also meet other believers from multiple churches and work together on a mission.

I-Go Mission Trip Leadership Training

Dr. Clint May has observed an incredible move of God during 31 preteen mission trips in the past 20 years. His book documents how the Holy Spirit works in powerful ways when they join the Lord on His Great Commission. 

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