Our Mission

Mission: To Empower The Next Generation

Vision: To equip leaders to reach, disciple, and empower kids to fulfill God’s call to serve, minister, and be missionaries of the Gospel
We Value Children. We believe that children are the church today, not just the future. When a child accepts Christ, they are sealed by the Holy Spirit and gifted by the Spirit for works of ministry. We are called to disciple and equip children to fulfill their purpose in the church and the world.
We Value the Church. We recognize the church’s call to make disciples and to equip the saints for works of ministry. We are committed to providing training and resources to disciple and equip the next generation in the church—through training events, live webinars, and website training videos.
We Value Families. We recognize that parents are biblically responsible for teaching their children the truths of God’s Word. We are committed to providing resources to help them effectively disciple their child.
We Value Missions. We are committed to organizing mission trips that bring the church together with a common vision of releasing children and students to go on mission for Christ. By sponsoring yearly mission trips, we empower the next generation with the purpose of sharing the Gospel and creating new ministry opportunities in the United States and internationally.