Is Your Church In The Children's Ministry Box?

One of my joys is watching children grow in their faith in the body of Christ.AdobeStock 216990402 Reduced FB

I love to see those lightbulb moments for kids when their faith comes alive.

I was shocked years ago when I witnessed three 12-year-olds (6th graders) from my church lead three children to Christ.

A lot of questions popped into my mind that day.

One I felt came directly from the Lord.

He said, “Clint, is the abundant life for children too, or is it only for students and adults?”

That summer, the Lord began to call me out of the children’s ministry box I was in.

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Does Your Children's Ministry Focus on Education or Discipleship?

Education vs. DiscipleshipIs your church focused on education or discipleship? How would you define discipleship?

  • Do you purchase age-graded resources and concentrate on the developmental learning styles of children?
  • Does your church age-grade children?
  • Do leaders in your church see children as younger brothers and sisters in Christ?
  • Is your ministry model to children such that children sit and listen while an adult leader ministers to them?
  • Are children serving using their spiritual gifts?
  • Is it your ministry's goal to make disciples who make disciples? For children to become disciple makers themselves?
  • Are children trained and released as missionaries?

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Why Are Your Leaders Not Following Your Lead?

My pastor asked me to come to his office one afternoon.First Things First

He said, "Clint, I support you and your ministry. BUT! I need to know what you are doing so I can support you. I don't want to control what you do, but how can I support what you are doing when I do not have any idea where you are going."

I learned a big lesson that day. I have served as a children's pastor at five different churches, and I learned early that proper vision casting is critical.

If my church's leadership does not know where I am heading, I will not have their support when problems arise.

My pastor compared it to a cowboy who jumped on his horse and said, "Let's go!" He takes off in a gallop, and after riding a while, he stops and looks back. As the dust settles, to his surprise, no one is following him. That is what a leader looks like who does not correctly cast his or her vision.

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What Ministry Bears The Most Fruits Around The World Today?

The other day I read a report on the increase in gold pricing. The price of gold has increased by 72 percent in the last two years! If you purchased an ounce of gold in 2018 at $1,360 per Goldounce, it is now worth $1,888 an ounce today. I would say that gold is a good investment. You are probably wondering where I am going here. Have you ever thought about eternal investments? What you invest here on Earth does not last. We cannot take it with us when we leave this world.

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