These Kids Are Not Old Enough to Be Serving in the Church!

As I walked upstairs to the classroom that Sunday morning, the teacher stepped out in the hallway.a serving

She took me aside and said,

"I need to talk with you for a minute. I'm afraid I have to disagree with this.

My dad was a pastor, and he taught us that we were not mature enough to serve in the church until we turned eighteen."

Needless to say, that was not a very fun Sunday morning.

However, after a few weeks of opposing it, she began to see the light.

I desire to help kids discover their spiritual gifts.

The crazy thing is that most adults do not even know they have spiritual gifts.

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The Number One Mistake of Almost Every Outreach Event in Churches Today

I have a history of being a little extreme when planning events at church.Emory

I am talking about building a 16-foot tall space shuttle out of styrofoam in the worship center for V.B.S. 

We would do a countdown before sending kids off from worship and fire off a smoke machine to give the effect of the launch.

At one of our fall festivals, I had several people help me blow up 900 BALLOONS.

We draped them across our church's gym from basketball hoop to basketball hoop.

It was beautiful!

After it was over, my five kids popped all the balloons in about five minutes.

I didn't do that ever again.

I was and am passionate about reaching kids with the Gospel.

I was good at planning the events—V.B.S., camps, retreats, conferences, and afterschool Bible clubs.

What I wasn't good at was follow-up.

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Four Important Questions You Have to Ask When Doing Kids Ministry

1 THREE KIDSWe have been in a holding pattern with our kids in our churches for so many years. Are you on target to see lives changed in your church?

All of us must ask ourselves, “Is it time?”

  1. Is it time to join parents in the discipleship of their children?
  2. Is it time to invite children and preteens into the spiritual depths of their faith by teaching them how to walk with the Master every day for the rest of their lives?
  3. Is it time to move kids from just sitting in class and listening into a ministry that equips, trains, and releases them to serve and minister in the body of Christ today?
  4. Is it time to release the most effective missionaries worldwide into the mission field today?

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