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Eight Advantages of Taking VBS of Campus 1








Mobilize your church into your community with proven ways to empower children, students, and adults to become missionaries in your city.

You will learn ways to cut the cost of VBS by a third, have less work, and reach more people with the Gospel.

Join us Thursday, May 28, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. (central time).

Cost $25


Children are the most effective agents in reaching their peers with the Gospel L.I.T. May Newsletter

DSC 0580For the believer in Christ, this is not the time to hunker down, it is time to reach out. So many people have no hope. Sales of alcohol and drug abuse is escalating with people seeking comfort from their fears, anxiety and uncertainty. We don’t have to be careless, but we can use social media, a phone call, text or acts of kindness to let people know that we care. We can pray for opportunities to show people God’s love and share the hope we have in Christ. The Gospel is the Gospel and we should want everyone to have the hope we have in the Lord.

I encourage church leaders to light a fire in the hearts of children they are working with to share the Good News of Christ with their friends. Children are the most effective agents in reaching their peers. It’s time to look at the future with excitement. The fields are white unto harvest, and it’s time to rise and bring the hope of the cross of Christ to a lost world.

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Empowering Children to Proclaim the Gospel-April Newsletter

In these unprecedented times, our only hope is in the Lord. However, for many around us, they don’t know that hope we have in Christ. We have an amazing opportunity Waxahachieto use social media or other electronic means to proclaim the Good News of Christ. I pray that you will encourage the children and preteens in your church to reach out to their lost friends through social media, FaceTime, or by a simple phone call. They are the most effective in reaching their friends with the Gospel. We know that they can do it. We have witnessed it on many occasions. God has used children to proclaim the Gospel in multiple settings. This summer, we planned our 30th mission trip. We have seen more than 3,000 preteens on mission trips since 2004, and they have led 1,000+ people to Christ.

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L.I.T. January 2020, Newsletter

Training International LeadersTraining shot

The Lord continues to bless us with the opportunity to invest in international leaders. This past January 27-28, L.I.T. Ministries hosted our Empowering The Next Generation training in our home office in Benbrook. We had a small group this time, but those who we trained have a reach outside the United States. Mark and Danna McCutchen have been missionaries in Brazil for more than 30 years. They left the training event very excited about training leaders in Brazil. Mary and Enoch are from South Korea and are students from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Mary will graduate in December and will be heading back to South Korea. She hopes to use what she learned from our training. Click here for our upcoming training dates. (From left to right: Caleb Lapointe, Enoch Choie, Mary, Dana and Mark McCutchen, Clint May)

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Our Wednesday Evening Children's Ministry is Now Full of Life! L.I.T. Ministries January Newsletter 2020

by DeAnn Noyles, Horizon Christian Fellowship, Littleton, ColoradoPicture2

We implemented the L.I.T. program in May of 2019, and we have seen God answer many long-awaited prayers! We had been seeking God for years with the burdens of equipping families to better disciple their children in the Lord, equipping kids to serve God now in their youth, and reaching kids in our community. God has used L.I.T. to answer all of these and more.

At our church, our Wednesday night service has transitioned from being extremely anemic to full of life! Our children’s ministry grew from one family in attendance and one teacher pouring into them to 13 adults and 17 or so children attending regularly! We had no midweek program for Jr. High students, and now we have 100% participating in L.I.T. with their own discipleship group. We have integrated them into our ministry teams as well, and two of those young ladies are DG leaders themselves.

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