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Are Kids Are Under a Major Spiritual Attack-New Year's Resolution

300 The BoxYou might have noticed that our kids are under attack from every direction:  the government, public schools, media, music, and even their families. In the last two years, it is as if the country I have grown to love has gone insane.

But there is hope! Amidst the insanity, children are on fire for the Lord. I believe that believing children are the church today, and it’s a joy to watch what the Lord does in and through them when they discover His purpose.

Internationally the most significant spiritual harvest field is children—seventy percent of those who trust Christ worldwide are between four to fourteen years of age.

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God’s Amazing GraceFirst LIT Group

by Dr. Clint May

The last two years have had many challenges. The year 2020 started out with many questions if we would still be here today. As that cloud lifted, I saw hope, not in myself but in the Lord. No matter what happened, He was in control of my life and L.I.T., not me.

In October 2021, my wife, Vicki, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was as if another dark cloud formed to block our view of God’s grace again. We walked through this trial together. Today, Vicki is cancer free. Her last doctor visit showed she is all clear—praise the Lord! Even though it was a very dark beginning of the year, it has become brighter and brighter each new day.

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November 2022 L.I.T. Newsletter

In the summer of 2002, the Lord birthed a fresh vision for children called L.I.T. (Leaders In Training).Back Banner

In a matter of 20 years, L.I.T. has grown to impact thousands of children around the world.

We are in awe at God’s amazing plan to reach, disciple, and empower children to be the church NOW.

The Lord is raising up a generation of disciples in our midst.

What we have learned from 30+ mission trips is that when we train children to be missionaries and take them out on mission, they experience Acts 1:8.

They don’t fully grasp how God works, but the Holy Spirit takes over in their times of fear and speaks boldly the name of Christ through them.

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LIT October Newsletter 2022

Twenty-Seven Children Trained in India Reached 155 with the Gospel by Santosh Bardhan299389665 320165986954009 9157671115317984056 n 1

One pastor said that the ministry among children has been excellent after LOAM ETNG (Empowering The Next Generation) leadership training in Odisha. It is so amazing to know that Christ needs them, and that is why He invited them, saying, “Let the little children come to me.” We have trained about 27 children in our church and nearby villages. Now children are excited to go and tell their parents and friends about Jesus. They have been a great encouragement and a new way to do the ministry and reach not only other children but also adults. The children we have trained reached 115 children with the Gospel in other villages. LOAM Ministries has trained an estimated 600 leaders in India.

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God is Raising Up Missionaries in our Midst

I want to personally invite you to join us for our next training in Littleton, Colorado.image00292

I have rewritten the training and have included much of what I found while doing research for my book "Going Deep: Taking Children into the Spiritual Depths with God."

God has a unique plan for every believing child beyond what you might imagine.

He is raising up young missionaries in our midst. Here is what Sarah (11 years old) had to say after her first mission trip:

Once we started preaching…at that time, I was just shaking. I remember praying to myself and saying, "God, I cannot do this by myself. This is all You." I remember going brain-dead at that point. I still to this day do not know exactly what I said. I just knew that He had given me a calling to go and teach.

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