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Leaders In Training Changed Me, My Ministry, and My Family 

February 19, 2024, Newsletter
Leaders In Training Changed Me, My Ministry, and My FamilyMike Lehew

by Mike Lehew

It's been more than ten years since Leaders In Training changed me, my ministry, and my family. It wasn't a curriculum or a program, but it was discipleship. I was mentored by Clint, and he, in turn, taught me how to disciple others, most importantly my family. They grew up spending time in the Word and exercising their gifts to serve in the church. It challenged us to move away from consumer-driven kids ministry to discipleship-driven ministry. Today, our ministry exists because of the influence of Leaders In Training and seeing God use kids to advance the Gospel. 

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L.I.T. Ministries January 2024 Newsletter

I Am Not Ashamed That I Am a Christian by Caitlyn ConoverPicture4

Being a part of the L.I.T. program has been the highlight of my year since I first started. I began L.I.T. when I was in 5th grade. I am currently in 12th grade, and I am still involved.

It teaches lots of things that stick with you through hands-on experience and serving in different roles. Because of this, my eyes have been opened to how I can help at home and in the communities around me.

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It Is Hard to Describe What the Lord Has Done, L.I.T. Ministries December 2023 Newsletter

Picture1It Is Hard to Describe What the Lord Has Done

I wanted to share something with you. Years ago, when the Lord led me to write the Empowering The Next Generation Handbook, I had no idea what He would do with it.

We originally recorded training at Willow Park Baptist Church. We loaded the videos online and made them accessible to anyone. The rest is history.

Some eight years later, the Lord has taken the training worldwide. The handbook has been translated into ten languages. 

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We Have Reached a Tipping Point—It’s Time for Change

November 2023 NewsletterPicture1

We Have Reached a Tipping Point—It’s Time for Change

The other day I was putting together a presentation about L.I.T. As I mapped out where the Lord has taken the ministry, I was deeply humbled by what the Lord has done. From our beginning in the summer of 2002 to today, the Lord has been on the move.

  • Children are being reached with the Gospel.
  • Parents are being equipped to lead their homes spiritually.
  • Children are being discipled and taught how to walk with Christ.
  • Children are ministering in their churches and leading out on evangelistic mission trips.

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Greetings From L.I.T. Ministries

Greetings from L.I.T. Ministries.Picture3 2

It is hard to believe that what was birthed in the summer of 2002 is still making an eternal impact on children in the U.S. and now worldwide.

Now 21 years later, I have had opportunity to talk with many young adults who point back to their early years in L.I.T. and share how it had a lasting impact on their lives.

They often recount how they were set on a deep spiritual course for life because of the spiritual disciplines they learned and especially through their personal experiences on the mission trips.

I took my first out-of-town preteen mission trip in 2004.

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