Vision for Future Growth of L.I.T. Ministries

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What a joy it is to serve the Lord and join Him in His work. About twenty years ago, He gave a vision for the local church and has now moved it worldwide. I am truly humbled by what He has done. As I shared last month, I reflected on what the Lord has done and was praying for clear direction. I asked many of you to pray for me as I sought the Lord.

The Lord has made it clear that we will reach millions of children with the Good News of Christ and disciple, equip, and release them to minister in the church and as missionaries in their countries.

To do so, we need to train an additional 10,000 leaders by 2030. Will you join us in prayer as we take this step of faith, believing that God is calling us to press on and join Him in His work internationally?

We have prayed fervently about this and come to understand that we need to raise an additional $80,000 this year, increasing our monthly support by $7,000 per month. Once we reach this point, we will be free to invest more freely in our work worldwide.

We are receiving requests almost weekly to train leaders in various countries around the world. By meeting our financial goal, we will be able to freely send trainers to multiple locations worldwide.

Growth of L.I.T. from 2014 to Today

International FB 2024

Since 2014, the ministry has expanded into thirteen countries in Africa. We have also trained leaders in Mexico, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, and more. We have had the honor of training well over 5,000 leaders worldwide. This map gives you an idea of which countries we have had the opportunity to impact.

Leadership Chart for U.S. and International Leaders

We have been busy training and establishing leaders worldwide. Take a look at the team the Lord has put together. God has truly blessed the ministry through these leaders.

 Leadership Team Master

THE “GOD ASK”Picture2

In Steve Shadrack’s book, The God Ask, he shares:

  • We ask the Lord for His provision.
  • We invite others to join or invest in the ministry.
  • We ask the Lord where we are to invest in His Kingdom work.

He calls this the “God Ask.” I have asked the Lord to guide those He desires to join L.I.T. in ministry. I invite you to pray and ask the Lord if you should join us, and He will show you what you are to do. 


No matter what the Lord calls you to do, we need your prayers. There is a whole world of people out there who need to know the Savior, and we want to be right in the middle of where He is working.



  • For the expansion of L.I.T. worldwide
  • For God’s faithful provision for the ministry
  • For many open doors for ministry worldwide

Prayer Requests

  • We have an immediate need for $13,000 to cover ministry expenses.
  • Pray that we can get a small RV to serve as an office for our summer preteen mission trips.
  • We are looking to purchase an LED lighting set for recording testimonies and training, and it will cost $500.
  • Pray for L.I.T. to reach our goal of an additional $80,000 per year through monthly support.
  • Pray for our leadership team.
  • We need grace and guidance as we move forward with our vision to reach, disciple, and equip children for ministry and missions.