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Good Things Come in Small Packages: L.I.T. August Newsletter

Good Things Come in Small Packages by Dr. Clint MayAdjusted IMage

We just wrapped up our last mission trip for the summer in Hudson Oaks, Texas. I was concerned that having a small group would have a lesser impact on the kids on the trip. I was wrong. The Lord showed up many times more powerfully on this trip. The pace was nice and not overwhelming. Even though they were ministering to fewer people, God ministered to them and spoke to their hearts. There were three professions of faith. We saw the kids grow up before our eyes as they gained confidence from the Lord. Worship times were sweet as we felt God’s presence in tangible ways. It was a wonderful blessing as we close out the summer.

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Going Deep: Taking Children in the Spiritual Depths with God

My greatest joy throughout the past 33 years has been working with children in the local church. I have loved seeing their lives transformed by the power of the Gospel working in them. What I2022 LIT Going Deep v3 PROOF did not know was God’s greater plan for their lives.

During my first 14 years of ministry, I was working at an adult level. Pouring my life into my adult leaders and equipping them for works of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). I knew that if I spent time with them, it would pour over into the lives of the children of my church. It did, and it did not.

For years I had a wrong perception of a child. They were to be seen and not heard. I saw them as the target of my ministry. I passionately tried everything I could do to reach them with the Gospel and bring them into the Church.

I am a child evangelist at heart, so that came easy to me. But something was wrong with this picture. After reaching them, I sat them down and told them how to live for Jesus. Never did I allow them to join me in ministry or even consider it. They were spectators in a game that they would not be able to play until they were much older.

Unexpectedly, my eyes were opened to something altogether different from what I had always been taught. It was as if a veil had been removed from my eyes. Now I saw children as younger brothers and sisters in Christ—the Church now.

The Lord revealed to me that children receive everything they need to be a part of the Church at the new birth. They are born again, sealed by the Holy Spirit, gifted by the Holy Spirit, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and so much more.

My purpose for writing this book is to invite you on this journey. I want to tell you my story and the stories of others to encourage and spark a fire and passion in you for the kids in your church. I want us to look at Scripture together to see that what we are witnessing is backed up by the Word of God. I will be giving you some ideas to help you begin this incredible ride in your own church as well. Hang on as we start this magnificent journey together.

Dr. Clint May

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The Lord Moved Powerfully in Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 2022 Newsletter

The Lord Moved in Tulsa, OK

Group Shot

We had an amazing week in Tulsa June 19-24. Nick shared, “My eyes have been opened. This looks like the book of Acts.” The Lord moved in many ways. There were 29 professions of faith. Seeds were planted, and souls were harvested for God’s glory. One leader shared, “When we stepped back, the kids just took over. They were ready to take the lead when we got out of the way.” We had more than 170 students and leaders on the trip. They served in 13 different locations, including parks, mobile home parks, and apartment complexes. Some areas were very dark and in great need of the Gospel. We had churches from Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas on the trip. Here are just a few comments from leaders who were there:

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April/May 2022 Newsletter

Our First L.I.T. Mission Trip in Zambia by Isaac MphandeGroup Shot

We had our first L.I.T. mission trip in the Kasupe area, Lusaka West Zambia led by Isaac Mphande. There were 69 L.I.T.s (children and students from 5 to 14 years of age) from Kids Connection Preparatory School that were on the trip. The L.I.T.s reached out to children in the Tubalange villages. They were working with more than 180 children in these villages. They took some of their own clothing to share with children in need there. We thank God that 84 kids responded to the Gospel and gave their lives to the Lord. Our kids also gave gifts to the kids in the villages, such as clothes and shoes. We are so proud of these L.I.T.s and that God has chosen such a time as this for them to glorify His name.

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The Holy Spirit Speaks Through Kids-March 2022 Newsletter

Clint MayThe Holy Spirit Speaks Through Kids by Dr. Clint May

Way back in 2004, I witnessed for the first time the work of the Holy Spirit in an 11-year-old boy’s life. He told me that he felt something like fire going through him when he was sharing the Gospel. From that point on, I began videotaping and documenting stories and testimonies. We now have hundreds of hours of testimonies on video from the last 18 years. What has amazed me is how the Holy Spirit works through children. We have observed this more times on mission trips as this is where they have been allowed to minister using their spiritual gifts. There tends to be a consistent pattern in how the Spirit speaks through them. They feel scared or nervous, they ask the Lord to help them speak, and then their mind seems to stop, pause, or go blank. At that point, the Holy Spirit speaks through them. They are surprised yet overjoyed that God has spoken through them. Afterwards, children have frequently commented, “I don’t remember a word I said.” I love it! The Holy Spirit does not need our permission to speak through a child. They are ready and willing. They cry out to the Lord many times in fear, and He does the rest. He takes over, and He speaks directly through them.

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