Good Things Come in Small Packages: L.I.T. August Newsletter

Good Things Come in Small Packages by Dr. Clint MayAdjusted IMage

We just wrapped up our last mission trip for the summer in Hudson Oaks, Texas. I was concerned that having a small group would have a lesser impact on the kids on the trip. I was wrong. The Lord showed up many times more powerfully on this trip. The pace was nice and not overwhelming. Even though they were ministering to fewer people, God ministered to them and spoke to their hearts. There were three professions of faith. We saw the kids grow up before our eyes as they gained confidence from the Lord. Worship times were sweet as we felt God’s presence in tangible ways. It was a wonderful blessing as we close out the summer.

We are in the process of moving this first week of August. Vicki and I had been praying about our next steps and felt a peace that we were to sell our place in Willow Park. Our home sold relatively quickly, so we are now moving to Brock, Texas. I am excited about having an extra room in our new house for my office as I will be working from home full-time now.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for L.I.T. God continues to expand our territory into new reaches of the world. The Lord is faithfully amazing in every way.

 L.I.T. Taught Me to Be a Leader by Holland Coleman (L.I.T. 2007-2008)Holland

When I was old enough to join L.I.T., I jumped at the opportunity to do for others what had been done for me. Looking back, the most amazing thing I learned was a degree of ownership that many adults think kids are not ready for. Although we were supervised, when it was time for a Kids Jam (children’s worship) or Kids Blitz (community outreach), we were responsible for everything. That included transporting our equipment, managing the stage, setting up and tearing down the auditorium, leading worship, all the various performances, teaching, and the invitation. This taught me a great deal about leadership, taking the initiative, and working with others to accomplish something.

Most importantly, my time in L.I.T. taught me that the Gospel is not merely an idea or a story, but that Christ is living and active among His people today, and that if you want to experience intimacy with Christ, the best way to do that is by coming alongside Him and joining in His work. That same sense of fulfillment that I first tasted in L.I.T.—of working toward an eternal purpose—is why I’m currently in seminary today and eager to pursue full-time ministry.

 Successful Training in Kenya by Isaac MphandeKenya

It is with great joy to report that I traveled well to and from Kenya. We conducted an Empowering the Next Generation training conference. 

The first Leaders In Training conference in Kenya was conducted in an area called Embakasi North at a church called Inter-Christian and Power Ministries International.

Lastly, it is with great joy once again to report that L.I.T. Ministries has been launched in Kenya. Thank you once again for all the support, and may the good Lord richly bless you, Dr. Clint May, and all who provided financially to L.I.T. Kenya conference.

Thank you to Samuel Kamau in Kenya who worked tirelessly for organizing, mobilizing, and coordinating with the churches to see to it that the training was a success.

September 26-28, Littleton, ColoradoENTG Leadership Training

Location: Horizon Christian Fellowship, 5470 S Lowell Blvd, Littleton, CO 80123

Learn to Disciple, Equip, and Release children in ministry with a proven process. Organize Your Ministry + Disciple Kids + Empower Kids + Release Young Ministers


2022 LIT Going Deep v3 PROOFWe Are Very Close to Releasing GOING DEEP!

Please keep Amy McMullin and Rachel Jackson in your prayers as they finalize the formatting for Clint’s new book. We hope to release it the first of August. It will be available to purchase in paperback and in Kindle format.



  • For the Lord’s presence on our Hudson Oaks Mission Trip
  • For Lakeshore Baptist Church hosting our mission trip
  • For the many new open doors in Africa and India
  • For God’s amazing provision for the ministry so far

Prayer Requests

  • For God’s provision for the fall and coming year
  • For the securing of future mission trip locations for 2023
  • For the resources we need to lead our next training in Uganda
  • For our ETNG Training in Littleton, Colorado
  • For Clint and Vicki during their move
  • For Clint’s book to be published soon