God is Raising Up Missionaries in our Midst

I want to personally invite you to join us for our next training in Littleton, Colorado.image00292

I have rewritten the training and have included much of what I found while doing research for my book "Going Deep: Taking Children into the Spiritual Depths with God."

God has a unique plan for every believing child beyond what you might imagine.

He is raising up young missionaries in our midst. Here is what Sarah (11 years old) had to say after her first mission trip:

Once we started preaching…at that time, I was just shaking. I remember praying to myself and saying, "God, I cannot do this by myself. This is all You." I remember going brain-dead at that point. I still to this day do not know exactly what I said. I just knew that He had given me a calling to go and teach.

You will personally hear the many testimonies and stories of children and leaders who have been a part of this movement firsthand.

The Lord is calling us to train and release Great Commission kids!

Please join us in Littleton, Colorado, September 26-28.

You are welcome to join us either in person or online via

The registration deadline is September 22.

Click the link below to register your team.
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