Step Five: Becoming an Effective Small Group Leader—"You Do!”

I want to challenge you today as you read this article. Look at children according to their potential, not at where they are AdobeStock 111600961 1today.
I must be honest, some kids in my church have driven me crazy at times—especially the kids with ADD like me.
They can really test my patience. But they can also become great leaders in the church, in ministry, and in small groups.
There is a young man (Richard) who works for me and has come up through the ranks in the church.

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Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

In ministry we must be cautious to make sure we are staying true to the calling of Christ to make disciples.AdobeStock 1244549 72

When I first started out in ministry, I was passionate about sharing the Good News of Christ with every lost child.

I would create fun events, lock-ins, retreats, etc.

Throughout the past 26 years, I led hundreds of children to Christ during these events.

As I have learned more and more about discipleship through the years, I realize I was not discipling the kids who were making decisions.

I was “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

They would move up into the student ministry ill-prepared to face the battles they encountered as teenagers.

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Step Four: Becoming an Effective Small Group Leader—"You Do, I Watch!”

One of my greatest joys in ministry is to watch children in whom I have poured my life flourish.AdobeStock 47458681 72

Watching them struggle with responsibility and then come out on the other side doing amazing things for the Lord is such a joy.

What I have learned in the past ten years is that when I incrementally give kids responsibilities beyond their abilities, they almost always step up to the plate.

One young lady who served with me for more than seven years told me during one of our mission trips, “I know what you are doing now.”

I said, “What’s that?” “You always give me the impossible, and after I go through it, I am looking for the next big thing that God will do in my life.”

She got it!

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Step Three: Taking Your Small Group to the Next Level—You Do, I Help!

Okay, we have talked about the first model of being a great disciple group leader—being a model for your class or group of what the Christian life looks like (”I Do, You Watch”).Bible study

That means you do everything.

You are submitted to the lordship of Christ, you do your daily quiet times, you teach, you pray for them, you memorize the verse, and you take records.

All the while, they watch and observe.

The challenge here as I have explained to you before, is that you cannot stay here.

If you get stuck in the teaching style where you do everything and the kids just sit and listen—you have a problem.

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