Student Testimonies

Sarah Teaching2Age Is Not a Prerequisite to Serve God by Sarah Gonzalez

The first time I went on a mission trip with leaders in training, I was seven years old. Even though I was the youngest child there, I quickly learned that age is not a prerequisite to serve God. That week, I saw God move firsthand in many powerful ways.

Over the years, I attended seven mission trips; however, I still remember the first time I gave the Gospel presentation. I was nervous, tired, and did not feel prepared to teach in front of a crowd. Before I started, my leader prayed for me, and at that moment the Holy Spirit took control. I don't remember what I said, but I remember feeling that God was using me to do His work and to glorify Him.

I am grateful to Leaders In Training because it taught me to understand that I have a responsibility to share the precious gift of salvation, and to do so, God is ready to use me as a vessel toSarah Teaching glorify Him.