The coming generations are filled with passionate, committed, and driven leaders. Not leaders just for the future, but for right here and now. Years ago, I was interviewing a young leader at a2022 LIT Going Deep v3 PROOF conference, and I asked her what we could do as more seasoned leaders to support her and her generation. She told me that I was doing what they needed: listening and giving them a voice. That is what Clint May does in this book. Through countless stories and statements from young leaders themselves, he presents a compelling vision of what God can do and is indeed doing through this generation. You will be encouraged, and you will be challenged. Thank you for writing this book, Clint, so that the voices of these incredible leaders may be heard.

—THOMAS HARLEY, Vice President, OneHope


Clint May has been a champion for kids and an innovator for many years. In this book, he offers a huge piece of the puzzle of not just reaching a generation but releasing them into the fullness of God’s call on their lives. He is on the cutting edge of what it means to empower kids by equipping and making space for them to have their own God stories. In this book, you will be inspired and challenged by real-life stories of what kids can do if given an opportunity. I agree with Clint that God is raising up a generation to change the world and their time is NOW! 

—RICK OLMSTEAD, Executive Director, Global 4/14 Window Movement;

President, Generation Now

In 2002, Christ began to reveal something to Clint May that has transformed his life and the lives of preteens and ministry leaders around the world: the power of equipping children and preteens for ministry. In these pages, you’ll read the story of how the Holy Spirit awakened a passion in Clint and how that flicker of revelation has become a contagious fire that continues to impact preteens as it spreads far beyond what Clint ever imagined. You’ll be inspired by stories of how God speaks to and empowers kids for powerful ministry of their own, and you’ll find yourself asking God to equip you to train up the next generation to share the Gospel and grow the Kingdom.

SEAN SWEET, Preteen Pastor, Destiny Church in Rocklin, CA;

Author of Let Go and Run Beside: Essentials of

Intentional Preteen Ministry

C. S. Lewis popularized the argument that Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord. I believe Jesus demonstrated clearly that He was not only Lord, but the Lord over all of humanity. Dr. Clint May takes readers on a journey in his new book, GOING DEEP: TAKING CHILDREN INTO THE SPIRITUAL DEPTHS WITH GOD, a journey experienced by him and many of his colleagues. Thank you for putting into print how Jesus is changing the world through the obedience of children.

—JACK TERRELL, Founder and President, KiDs Beach Club®


Can children talk to Jesus? Can children walk with Jesus? Indeed, they can! Clint May is on mission to help us all rethink the role children play in church. Every person involved in working with kids needs to read this book.

—JACK D. EGGAR, President, Global Children’s Network

In 2009, the 4 to 14 Window Movement began. The goal was to Awaken the Church around the world to the priority of children ages 4 to 14, to Reach them as the most responsive to the Gospel, to Rescue those who were exploited, to Root them through discipleship, and to Release them as Full Partners in God’s Mission. I met Clint May as we began to journey together in this movement. He was ahead of most of us because God had been teaching him for many years earlier that there is “no Junior Holy Spirit!” We’ve become convinced that the 2+ billion children in the world under age 15 are the “great untapped harvest force.” If you haven’t yet discovered this amazing truth, you are in for a wonderful surprise. GOING DEEP tells Clint’s story—or really God’s story. It’s a story that has the potential to change your life. I encourage you to read it for yourself.

TOM VICTOR, President, The Great Commission Coalition;

Member, Global Children’s Task Force

I have been a witness to the stories and principles found in GOING DEEP and will forever be grateful for how these principles have impacted my family and ministry. You will read stories of how kids CAN be the Church. You will hear of stories that can only be credited to the Holy Spirit. You will read stories of spiritual giants in the form of kids who simply said yes to Jesus.

It was more than ten years ago when as a Families Pastor I was searching for the missing piece of discipleship with kids and I was introduced to Leaders In Training. It literally changed my life as a father in discipling my kids and as a pastor in raising up kids and students to BE the Church.

In GOING DEEP, you will be introduced to the same principles as I was years ago, and my prayer is that you will take hold of the reality that God CAN use kids to advance the Gospel and make disciples. You will be challenged as I was to think differently and believe that kids can be the Church.

—MIKE LEHEW, Executive Director, Mobile Missions Network

I wholeheartedly agree with Clint May’s philosophy and practice of Children’s Ministry. Our ministry is not just TO children…it is WITH children. Walking alongside them, giving them the tools and the confidence to discover and develop the gifts that God has given them at the time of their salvation, however young that may be. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are to carry the Gospel to this broken world WITH THEM! I pray the stories of how these children are boldly reaching our world for Christ will inspire you to ‘go deep’ with God and with His children!

—JERRY LAWRENCE, Adjunct Professor of Educational Ministries

& Leadership and DEdMin Children’s Ministry Cohort