Parent Testimonies

Posey FamilyL.I.T. Has Been a Big Part of Our Family Phil Posey

That year, my entire family went on the mission trip with her. We witnessed the Holy Spirit moving upon the L.I.T.s that year and knew God was calling us to be involved with L.I.T. Two years later, my second daughter was an L.I.T. By then, weekly L.I.T. training, going on the L.I.T. Mission Trip every summer, and telling people about Jesus had become part of our family culture. The kids loved it, and we were thrilled that they were excited about following and serving Jesus. In 2012, our mission trip was here in Fort Worth.

I asked everyone in my family if they wanted to join me and stay at the church all week and be totally on mission. They said that they would come to my ministry site and help out but they didn’t want to stay. Not the answer I wanted, but I believed that if God wanted them there, He would call them. The morning of the mission trip as I was packing, my oldest daughter said she felt that God wanted her to go and stay all week. I told her to get ready, and she was packed before I was. My other two children approached me and said they felt they needed to be there as well. That week my entire family stayed at the church and was on mission all week—not because their dad told them to but because they wanted to serve King Jesus. Everyone in my family led someone to Jesus that week, my wife, my two daughters (ages 15 and 13), and even my 9-year-old son. As a father, I have never been more proud of my children. If you want to see your family culture change to loving and serving Jesus, take your children to L.I.T. and help out as an adult. You may actually be the one getting the training.