Student Testimonies

hannah lehewNo Longer a Slave to Fear, Valeria, Piedras Negras, Mexico
Valeria has always been shy and introverted. She first came to know Jesus at a library ministry outreach when she was 7 years old. She told us plainly that she knew God wanted her to be a missionary. She began L.I.T. discipleship, wanting to grow in her faith to share Jesus with her parents. At library outreach every day for 5 years, Valeria would ask for prayer for her parents to know Jesus. One day, she invited her parents to attend a ministry outreach, where her parents finally accepted Jesus. As Valeria grew up, she struggled with expressing herself and often felt frustrated. When she turned 15, she accepted an invitation to co-mentor younger girls. The mentors were invited to join a local mission team for a week of community evangelism. She was hesitant about signing up for two reasons. She knew she would have to go door to door, meeting people, and her family was going through a crisis. Her grandmother had been very sick and in great pain for months. This crisis weighed heavy on her heart, and she struggled with expressing her concern. When Valeria decided to trust God, she signed up to join the mission team. It was then that she became a witness to the powerful hand of God beginning to work not only in her grandmother’s health but in her own heart as well. The Lord significantly used Valeria that week to share the Gospel in the community. Valeria, a struggling introvert, suddenly recognized the power of the Holy Spirit. One night with the mission team, she stood up before them to testify. She explained her struggles with fear and frustration in front of others. But, she testified that each time she stepped out to share the Gospel with the mission team, she felt God responding by strengthening her in each word to the point that, without even knowing how, it became easy for her to talk with people. We witnessed how the power of God made way for her fears to be left aside, and she was able to share the incredible gift of salvation with others.

Alex and Diana Aburto, Missionaries, Vine and Branches Ministries, Piedras Negras, Mexico