Student Testimonies

Sarah Owens Final Pic

Jesus came alive for me during my journey through L.I.T

"Jesus came alive for me during my journey through L.I.T as a young girl. He was no longer a nice idea or a story, but a Father, a friend, and the safest place I have ever come to know. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities I was given to not only experience God at work first hand but to engage in that work with Him at such a young age.
I was offered lifelong guidance in pursuing wisdom and discernment through discipleship, empowered to stand up with boldness and confidence in the face of adversity, and inspired to live a life of endless adventure in pursuing that which is true, good, beautiful and worthy of praise in this life! I could go on and on about how formative this program was and continues to be in my life as an adult- in short, it was foundational. Programs like this not only empower the next generation of the church, but it equips them with knowledge of what it means to faithfully follow Jesus to the end of their days."
Sarah Langer, Communications Coordinator at 6 Stones Missions Network, Bedford, Texas
This video was taken of Sarah's testimony in 2008. God has done an amazing work in her life ever since then.