Student Testimonies



L.I.T. Taught Me to Be a Leader, Holland Coleman

When I was old enough to join L.I.T., I jumped at the opportunity to do for others what had been done for me. Looking back, the most amazing thing I learned was a degree of ownership that many adults think kids are not ready for. Although we were supervised, when it was time for a Kids Jam (Children's Worship) or Kids Blitz (community outreach), we were responsible for everything. That included transporting our equipment, managing the stage, setting up and tearing down the auditorium, leading worship, all the various performances, teaching, and the invitation. This taught me a great deal about leadership, taking the initiative, and working with others to accomplish something.

Most importantly, my time in L.I.T. taught me that the Gospel is not merely an idea or a story, but that Christ is living and active among His people today, and that if you wantP1010302 2019 03 07 18 15 54 UTC to experience intimacy with Christ, the best way to do that is by coming alongside Him and joining in His work. That same sense of fulfillment that I first tasted in L.I.T.—of working toward an eternal purpose—is why I'm currently in seminary today and eager to pursue full-time ministry. (Picture of 5th grade Holland teaching in San Marcos, Texas during 2007, L.I.T. Mission Trip.)

The following video is Holland sharing about his experience as a preteen (6th grader).